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🗣️ "Creating the 50 Litre Home"

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Hosts: Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg
Guest: Frantz Beznik | Founder | 50L Home Coalition
Category: 🗣️ Opinion

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[3:39] “50L is inspired by Cape Town. […] 3 years ago […] the city was facing a looming Day Zero, the day where there's zero water off the tap […]. And what the city officials decided to do to circumvent the issue is to actually constrain the population overnight down to 50 liters per day per person. And they were at about 120 or more. So it was like almost a three fold reduction overnight with no innovation, no solution.”

[4:08] “What I've done with others is go on the ground and meet with Capetonians, live life at 50 liter per day per person, when there's no innovation and life is very sacrificial. […] How about we're gonna come back in a few years and create life at 50 liter per day per person that feels like 500 liters. It's not about sacrifice anymore. It's about new abundance.”

[5:18] “One of the ideas is how [to] make water simpler, how [to] make water reusable. […] The inspiration came from Cape Town, because what we would see was people carrying water from the shower very carefully over to the washing machine, […] then take that water off again, put it into practice to wash surfaces and floors. […] So that reusing water was the source of inspiration as to how to make water reusable then in a hygienic way.”

[6:46] “The second part of the inspiration is coming from our own labs in P&G, where we've created […] a little treatment plant in a sachet, where you actually treat […] water to drinking water […]. And we typically propose this sachet to populations that are in drinking water needs and Africa, in India or after a catastrophe. And so that was the genesis of the idea, how to make water reusable instantaneously, and safely, hygienically.”

[7:20] “It's not just going to be P&G. […] We need systems change. We need infrastructure systems change inside the homes [and] once we change the inside of the homes to 50 liter, […] you probably need to adapt the outside infrastructure, the supply and the treatment of the outside. […] We basically looked at what the partners are over the value chain of water from the inside with the outside point of use. […] So that it is covering the whole value chain, […] [to] create systems change.”

[12:50] “The first step for us is to create a few pilots. […] We've got four target regions around the world: the west coast of North America, […] China, India, and Latin America. So these are the four regions, and where we want to set pilots demonstrated at the skeleton of 10 apartments. […] What we want to do is not just do a few pilots and leave. The idea is to make 50L Home the aspiration of the world, so it's irresistible and at the same time a new standard of living.”

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