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💧 "Water Reuse Builds Momentum in Europe"

The Future of Water

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Host: Reese Tisdale
Guests: Chloé Meyer & Zineb Moumen | Bluefield Research
Category: 💧 Water | Reuse
Original: 41 min | Time Saved: 40 min

Main Takeaways:

  • Reese Tisdale from Bluefield Research interviews analysts Chloé Meyer and Zineb Moumen about water reuse and forecasting in Europe. They discuss factors driving water reuse adoption like drought and climate change.
  • Southern Europe has been a leader in water reuse projects for agriculture, while Northern Europe focuses more on industrial applications due to quality concerns. Overall Europe lags markets like Israel, Singapore, and the US.
  • Bluefield forecasts the municipal reuse market in 11 European countries will reach €1.8 billion from 2023-2030, with a 17% CAGR. Agriculture will remain the dominant reuse application.
  • Europe still lacks clear regulations around reuse, though some countries like Spain and France are setting reuse targets. Funding and infrastructure constraints persist.
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🗓️ 07/25/2023