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🏆 Top Climate Podcasts from 2022

PodSnacks' Climate Picks

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"The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard" | The Ezra Klein Show

Guest: Jesse Jenkins | Assistant Professor | Princeton University
Time Saved: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[1:09:51] JJ: "We don't need carbon capture at scale this decade. The things that are going to do all of the emissions reduction work, really the bulk of it, are technologies that we bet on a decade ago and are ready to scale now. What we need to do over this next decade is to repeat that same kind of success that we had for wind and solar and batteries with the full portfolio of options that we think we might need at scale in the 2030s and 2040s. And that includes carbon capture, that includes nuclear, that includes advanced geothermal that includes all different ways to produce hydrogen, which is a critical energy carrier in the long run."

"Promise and Peril at the Bottom of the Sea" | The Daily

Guest: Eric Lipton | Investigative Reporter | The New York Times
Time Saved: 32 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[28:15] EL: "What that has allowed [The Metals Company] to do is obtain the right to exploratory mining in nearly 90,000 square miles of seabed, which represents almost half of the reserved areas that have been contracted so far. Fast forward to today and this private company backed by international mining giants is dominating the reserved areas that were set aside for poor developing nations."

"Minerals and the Clean-Energy Transition: The Basics" | Volts

Host: David Roberts
Time Saved: 17 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[1:34] “In its encyclopedic 2021 report on the subject IEA estimates that a concerted effort to reach the goals of the Paris Agreement would mean a quadrupling of mineral requirements for clean energy technologies by 2040. An even faster transition to hit net zero globally by 2050 would require six times more mineral inputs in 2040 than today. Some individual minerals will see particularly sharp jumps. The World Bank says graphite and lithium demand are so high that current production would need to ramp up by nearly 500% by 2050 under a two degree scenario, just to meet demand.”

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"The Water Crisis & How To Make A Difference" | The School of Greatness

Guests: Matt Damon & Gary White | Co- Founders | & WaterEquity
Time Saved: 35 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[11:25] MD: “Gary had this idea that if you took the concepts of microfinance, […] you could actually apply it to water. And it wasn't a traditional loan, because it wasn't an income generating loan, but it would be an income enhancing loan, because you'd actually be buying somebody's time back and they could work those extra hours. […] Our borrowers are 97% women, and these loans pay back at over 99%. […] Some of the poorest people in the world, if you just give them a chance, if you just nudge a market towards them, they will do the rest. And it's like we get out of the way and these people solve their own problems. […] This month we have hit 43.7 million people.

"Waging a $1.4 Trillion Food Fight" | Masters of Scale

Guest: Peter McGuinness | CEO | Impossible Foods
Time Saved: 30 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[4:56] “It's really interesting that [the] plant-based [market] […] is so under penetrated. You're talking under 10% household penetration in the US, under 15% unaided awareness, $1.4 trillion addressable market. Impossible makes food that mirrors and mimics the animal product to the point where it's as good if not preferred. And then of course, it's better for you, because it's zero cholesterol, and zero trans fat. And it does amazing things for the planet in terms of water, and greenhouse gasses, and less land use.”

"Averting Water Wars as We Decarbonize" | Catalyst with Shayle Kann

Guest: Dr. Michael Webber | CTO | Energy Impact Partners
Time Saved: 39 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[38:23] MW: "I worry that we're going to replace oil resource wars or [...] natural gas resource wars with water resource wars. There have been water wars in the past. I'm worried that we'll have more water wars. That's something I really am anxious about. But that's where, again, technology and energy might be a solution. If we can use energy to create water abundance, maybe that's a pathway to peace."