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"Elon Closes Twitter Deal, $META Uncertainty, Zuck's Historic Bet, Big Tech Decline & More" | All-In

Hosts: Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg
Time Saved: 1 Hour 33 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[12:29] DS: "I think what's amazing about Elon as an entrepreneur is he always starts with a mission. And then he figures out how to turn it into a great product and a great business. [...] He's starting with this mission of restoring Twitter to being a free speech platform, of being the town square it was always meant to be. And in the process of doing that, he's going to figure out how to make Twitter into an even better product and into a great business, which it is not today. I think Twitter's losing a few 100 million dollars a quarter."

The Rise in Threats against US Congress Members | The Daily

Guest: Catie Edmondson | Reporter | The New York Times
Time Saved: 27 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[13:22] CE: "We went to the Capitol Police, who track the threats that members of Congress receive. And what they told us was that between 2016 and 2021, threats against members of Congress actually increased tenfold. So in 2021 alone, there were almost 10,000 threats reported to Capitol Police."

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"Iran Protests, Mahsa Amini, History [And More]" | Lex Fridman Podcast

Guest: Abbas Amanat | Professor of History | Yale
Time Saved: 3 Hours 8 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[3:06:56] AA: "No matter how much the Islamic Republic tried to Islamicize the Iranian society in its own image of radical ideological indoctrination, it has failed. It has failed up to what we see today in the Iranian streets. [...] If you look at [...], besides the government, every aspect of life in today's Iran, you can see that from the way that people dress, to the way that they try to live their lives, to the way that they're educating themselves [...] you see a desire and intention to move forward."

"A Win for Lula (and Democracy) in Brazil" | Today, Explained

Guest: Samantha Pearson | Brazil Correspondent | The Wall Street Journal
Time Saved: 23 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[17:24] SP: "Bolsonaro is an authoritarian figure and [...] in the past said many things that would lead you to believe that he would like to stage some kind of intervention [...] in Brazil’s democracy. He said in the past that he would like to close down Congress. And then more recently, he's been questioning the voting processes, saying that he doesn't believe that it was a fair vote and that he's not going to accept the results. [...] Then the question would be is he going to get support for that message mainly from the military."

"The Economy Stinks & Dr. Doom is Not Hopeful" | On with Kara Swisher

Guest: Nouriel Roubini | Chief Economist | Atlas Capital Team L.P.
Time Saved: 49 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[28:05] NR: “Stagflation means [that] we have rising inflation and recession at the same time. [...] Today [...] we have negative supply shocks [...] [that] are going to reduce growth, increase inflation, and with loose monetary and fiscal policy are going to lead to inflation and recession. [...] In the 70s, we didn't have a debt crisis. And after the GFC (global financial crisis), we didn't have inflation. So we [now] have the worst of the 70s and the worst of the GFC."