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"How Europe’s Energy Crisis Exposed Old Fault Lines & New Anxieties" | The Daily

Guest: Matina Stevis-Gridneff | Brussels Bureau Chief | The New York Times
Time Saved: 20 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[0:59] MSG: "[Energy prices in Europe] are [...] up by as much as 500% in some places. [...] After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the European Union started hitting Russia with sanctions and also made a pledge for itself [...] to start limiting its reliance on Russian energy. [...] But they didn't even get a chance to really do anything about it, because Russia decided to turn off the spigot. [...] European Union imports of Russian natural gas were about 40% of all the natural gas imported last year and this year it's 7% at this point. [...] The Kremlin decided to punish Europe by weaponizing its gas."

"Climatetech for Developing Economies" | Catalyst with Shayle Kann

Guest: Kate Steel | CEO | Nithio
Time Saved: 46 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[4:55] KS: "Globally, there's [about] 750 million people [...] who don't have access to electricity. 600 million of those are based in Sub-Saharan Africa. And I think we see increasingly, that's going to be the concentration of where energy access is really an issue. By 2030 90% of people who don't have access to electricity will be living in Africa."

A Message from Tap

"Nobody will ever deprive the American people of the right to vote except the American people themselves and the only way they could do this is by not voting." - Franklin Delano Roosevelt. The last day to vote is Nov 8. Voting is your right. For more information, visit

"Sowing Seeds of Innovation with Agriculture Offsets" | Switched On

Guest: Kyle Harrison | Head of Sustainability Research | BNEF
Time Saved: 42 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[5:12] KH: "[Today] you're looking at between 200 and 300 million carbon offsets being issued on an annual basis. The record in terms of carbon offset issuance in the agriculture space to date was 1.5 million carbon offsets in 2017. That supply has actually dropped year on year since 2017. So a very, very tiny percent of the market on registry comes from agriculture today."

"Keeping your Food Carbon Neutral is Possible" | Tech4Climate

Guest: Marcus Lovell Smith | CEO | Neutral
Time Saved: 1 hr 4 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[5:08] MLS: "Neutral [is] the first pure carbon neutral food company in the US. [...] We work directly with dairy farmers and increasingly beef ranchers to mitigate climate impact. And we bundle that reduction, that mitigation, that sequestration with our products to sell food staples. [...] We have a milk product, we've launched a butter product and we'll have a cream. [...] We believe in a carbon neutral food aisle [...] and [...] that consumers can directly influence agriculture."

"Reducing Plastic Usage En Masse & Improving Recycling" | CleanTechies

Guest: Bahruz Mammadov | CEO | BERKM Inc
Time Saved: 39 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[8:21] BM: "In general, overall recycling [...] [of] plastic [in the US] [...] is [about] 9%. [...] 91% of plastic, basically, [...] ends up in the environment. [...] To make one pound of plastic, [...] you produce [around] one pound in CO2 emissions. And for some plastics, depend[ing] on the chemical manufacturing, it is even more. Most of [the plastic produced] ends up in landfills. The Great Pacific Plastic Island is three times [the size] of France."

💎 Gems From The Archive

"18 Months Left to Close the Gap" | (don't) Waste Water!

Guest: Mina Guli | CEO & Co-Founder | Thirst Foundation
Time Saved: 58 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[12:16] MG: “We are all living in the water crisis. […] By 2030, there's going to be a 40% gap between the demand for water and the supply of water available. Right now 3 billion people don't have access to adequate hand washing facilities in the middle of a pandemic, which is disgraceful. Deforestation gets front page news, but our wetlands are disappearing, […] four times faster than a rainforest."

"Tracking the Whole World's Carbon Emissions" | TED Climate

Host: Gavin McCormick
Time Saved: 9 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[6:51] GMC: “It used to be the case that only rich countries can afford to look at their emissions in great detail. [With Climate Trace] we are talking about properly global systems that are available and free for everyone. The reason of course we can do this is because satellites have come down so much in cost. There are now literally thousands of eyes in the sky up above us. And many of them are actually free and open to anyone to use that information. But you know what’s come down in recent years even more in cost and satellites, big data, and AI. […] We now live in a world where if a certain meme is trending on Twitter, there are automated marketing algorithms that know that worldwide in minutes. We suspect there are stock market algorithms that know it in seconds. […] So we actually exist as a society, spending more resources on monitoring funny cat video views on the internet than a civilization threatening crisis.