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🏆 Top 10 Climate Podcasts from this Past Week

PodSnacks' Climate Picks

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⚡ Carbon & Energy


Podcast: "The Single Best Guide to Decarbonization I’ve Heard" | The Ezra Klein Show
Guest: Jesse Jenkins | Assistant Professor | Princeton University
Time Saved: 1 Hour 38 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[1:09:51] JJ: "We don't need carbon capture at scale this decade. The things that are going to do all of the emissions reduction work, really the bulk of it, are technologies that we bet on a decade ago and are ready to scale now. What we need to do over this next decade is to repeat that same kind of success that we had for wind and solar and batteries with the full portfolio of options that we think we might need at scale in the 2030s and 2040s. And that includes carbon capture, that includes nuclear, that includes advanced geothermal that includes all different ways to produce hydrogen, which is a critical energy carrier in the long run."

Podcast: "Pakistan Wants Climate Reparations" | Today, Explained
Guests: Zuha Siddiqui | Journalist &
Husain Haqqani | Former Pakistan Ambassador to US
Time Saved: 25 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[11:55] ZS: "[The Pakistani government] want[s] climate reparations from the global north. Specifically from countries that have a larger carbon footprint and that contribute more to emissions. [...] And their argument for this is that Pakistan contributes less than 1% of the world's greenhouse gas emissions and that they deserve compensation for the loss and damage incurred as a consequence. [...] Pakistan is among the countries most vulnerable to climate change. It faces a rate of warming considerably above global average, with a potential rise of 1.3 to 4.9 degrees Celsius by the 2090s. And the economy and the people of this country are suffering, and they need all the assistance it can get."

Podcast: "How Blockchain Is Changing Energy" | The Energy Podcast
Guests: Sophia Rödiger | Founder & CEO | bloXmove,
Jesse Morris | CEO | Energy Web &
Sabine Brink | Blockchain CoE Lead | Shell
Time Saved: 30 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[6:27] JM: "One of the reasons [the energy market participants] weren't moving fast enough is because they did not have the digital tools required by the energy transition. [...] The energy system is changing underneath our feet. We're moving to a system in which instead of several dozen or several 100 power plants, for example, in one area are balancing the grid, eventually, billions of small assets, including [...] electric vehicles [...] are going to become the basis of the electric grid. And those assets are owned by many different businesses, many different people. [...] This is where the Web3 technologies [...] really come in handy. [...] It's really about giving real businesses an incredibly secure, low cost way to exchange data in support of this pace problem, in support of helping companies move to a world in which billions of different assets owned by different parties are contributing to a low carbon economy instead of the system that we currently have."

Podcast: Slow Fashion, Greenwashing & Patagonia | Hot Buttons
Guest: Venetia La Manna | Slow Fashion Advocate
Time Saved: 50 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[20:39] VLM: "The main concern I have at the moment, especially following boohoo's Kourtney Kardashian partnership announcement is I worry that people's first glimpse into sustainable fashion is going to be from a highly exploitative brand, like boohoo or Pretty Little Thing. And then pretty soon down the line, they're going to realize that this isn't a sustainable brand. And this can never be a sustainable brand. And then they're going to feel disheartened. And they're going to feel misled. And they're going to check out."

Podcast: "Emissions Tracking In The Automotive Industry" | Climate 21
Guest: Hagen Heubach | Global Vice President for Automotive | SAP
Time Saved: 34 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[26:25] HH: "Only 7% of our vehicle at the end of the lifecycle is really [...] reused. [...] We cannot let [that happen] for the next 50 years. All the different components of raw materials, copper, nickel, iron, and so on, [...] are super valuable, and [...] we need to get [those] back into the cycle. Plastics are the same thing. There's nothing around recycling plastics of cars, as of now."

💧 Food & Water

Vegetable Platter

Podcast: "Eliminating Food Waste" | Invested In Climate
Guests: Dana Gunders | Executive Director | ReFED &
Gaeleen Quinn | Head of Impact | Too Good to Go
Time Saved: 47 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[6:48] DG: "Project Drawdown has actually ranked [decreasing food waste] the number one solution to climate change. Their estimate is that it could save 10 times more greenhouse gasses than converting the entire passenger fleet to electric vehicles."

Podcast: Making Meat in Africa | Climate Tech Cocktails
Guest: Brett Thompson | Co-Founder & CEO | Mzansi Meat
Time Saved: 59 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[37:50] BT: “We are trying to replicate the process of making meat without the need for the animal and definitely not the need for the animal to be killed. [...] [And] we start [...] by taking a small biopsy from a cow. Our focus is bovine at the moment and beef, but we'll probably think about others going forward. [...] We take that biopsy, we then bring it back to our facility and lab in a place called Woodstock [...] in Cape Town. And then it's just about isolating the cells. [...] Then we [...] basically just perfectly replicate [...] the conditions that are found in an animal's body and we do it outside of the body.”

Podcast: "Is Source the Future of Drinking Water?" | (don't) Waste Water!
Guest: Colin Goddard | Director | Source Global
Time Saved: 41 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[10:20] CG: "Source is an innovative water technology that has developed a whole new way to create clean drinking water from the atmosphere using nothing but clean renewable energy. We are on a mission to make clean drinking water, an unlimited and renewable resource and perfect water for every person in every place on the planet."

Podcast: "McDonald’s’ Climate Change Efforts" | Climate Rising
Guest: Jenny McColloch | Chief Sustainability Officer | McDonald’s
Time Saved: 36 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[19:29] JMC: "If you look at McDonald's footprint, about 10 countries represent about 85% of our beef sourcing around the world. So we've prioritized looking at production practices in those areas. [...] The majority of our supply chain carbon footprint is related to beef and dairy. [...] We see tremendous potential in nature based solutions, [for example] different grazing practices. We've done research studies that show the soils have a greater ability to have biodiverse flora and fauna in the soils that can help absorb carbon. Exactly how we can measure it at a ranching scale or industry scale is still being worked out."

Podcast: "Supercritical Water Oxidation – A PFAS Solution" | The Water Values Podcast
Guest: Marc Deshusses | Co-Founder | 374Water
Time Saved: 36 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[7:57] MD: "We're used to thinking of water as being either a solid, a liquid or a gas [...]. There's actually a fourth state of water, which is the supercritical water. When you take water, and you heat it, and you compress it to the extreme, [...] water becomes supercritical. It's a hybrid between gas and liquid. And it's extremely interesting, because water becomes extremely reactive. It also becomes a universal solvents for organics and oxygen. [...] In supercritical water, organics will react extremely fast [...]. And the idea that I was pitching to the Gates Foundation was, let's explore if we can use supercritical water oxidation to treat fecal sludge or the residues of sanitation."

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