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🏆 Top 10 Climate Podcasts from this Past Week

PodSnacks' Climate Picks

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⚡ Carbon & Energy

Ocean Floor

Podcast: "Promise & Peril at the Bottom of the Sea" | The Daily
Guest: Eric Lipton | Investigative Reporter | The New York Times
Time Saved: 32 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[28:15] EL: "What that has allowed [The Metals Company] to do is obtain the right to exploratory mining in nearly 90,000 square miles of seabed, which represents almost half of the reserved areas that have been contracted so far. Fast forward to today and this private company backed by international mining giants is dominating the reserved areas that were set aside for poor developing nations."


Podcast: "Speed or Sustainability - Will We Always Have to Choose?" | The Interchange
Guest: Ben Murphy | Head of Sustainability | Boom Supersonic
Time Saved: 40 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[39:16] BM: "[My prediction is that] every aircraft will be operating on SAF (sustainable aviation fuel) or hydrogen by 2050. [...] The future I'd love to see is that every flight that you hop on, is flying supersonically. [...] I think from here you go either larger, so you can carry more passengers, longer range, so you can go further without stopping, or faster."

e-car station charger, Tesla automobile

Podcast: "Charging Toward a Clean Energy Future" | Masters of Scale
Guest: Cathy Zoi | CEO | EVgo
Time Saved: 40 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[8:58] CZ: "EVgo doesn't believe that charging needs to be a separate destination. If you're in a metropolitan area, you should be able to plug in and charge and go do something else that you want to do. This is why we love building our stations in grocery store parking lots, at shopping centers, [...] next to a park. What we do is we match the power to the typical dwell time. You're going to go in and shop at a grocery store for 20 or 30 minutes."

Field in sunrise

Podcast: Soil is the Solution | My Climate Journey
Guest: Jason Aramburu | Co-Founder & CEO | Climate Robotics
Time Saved: 55 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[13:27] JA: "The way that biochar sequesters carbon [is] as these plants grow, [...] they're sucking CO2 out of the atmosphere. And they're turning that atmospheric carbon into biological carbon, the biomass. Now normally on a farm [...] about 99% of that carbon goes back into the atmosphere. The concept with biochar is you take that material, you convert it into char, and you actually bury it in the soil. What we find is by converting it into this mineral form of carbon, it's very hard for microbes in the soil to decompose that material [...]. And so we can actually extend the decomposition timeline of that material by hundreds or even 1,000s of years, depending on the conditions that you use to produce it."

Ready For The Hike

Podcast: "Why Patagonia's Founder is Giving Away All his Wealth" | Girls That Invest
Hosts: Simran Kaur & Sonya Gupthan
Time Saved: 23 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[8:59] SG: "[Patagonia's founder Yvon Chouinard] has created an empire for himself [...] and he released a statement on Patagonia's website and it's titled, 'The earth is our only shareholder'. [...] It's an open letter to let everyone know about him and his family's future plans and how they're planning to structure the company."

💧 Food & Water

This is probably my favorite of my drone photos. Here’s the process: Step 1: Bring a drone. Step 2: Throw on a CPL filter. Step 3: Make sure no one is looking.

If you need a stock photo of a dam, here's one taken with my drone over the Detroit Dam in Oregon. Or if you just like cool aerial photos, it works for that as well. This gravity dam is about 450 feet high.

Podcast: "Averting Water Wars as We Decarbonize" | Catalyst with Shayle Kann
Guest: Dr. Michael Webber | CTO | Energy Impact Partners
Time Saved: 39 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[38:23] MW: "I worry that we're going to replace oil resource wars or [...] natural gas resource wars with water resource wars. There have been water wars in the past. I'm worried that we'll have more water wars. That's something I really am anxious about. But that's where, again, technology and energy might be a solution. If we can use energy to create water abundance, maybe that's a pathway to peace."

This was a project for our magazine called Cooklife. We had a chance to discover Turkey’s northeastern parts, sleep under the stars, wake up over the clouds. Life over 2000 meters.

Podcast: "Taking Cows Out of Dairy Industry" | The NatureBacked Podcast
Guest: Will Van den Tweel | Project Director | Those Vegan Cowboys
Time Saved: 21 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[1:06] WVDT: "Those Vegan Cowboys [...] target a more sustainable production of milk proteins. Milk proteins are very nutritional, very functional, but the way we are producing them, and also the products that derive from them, we cannot continue to do that. We need to change that. And Those Vegan Cowboys target the microbial production of the milk proteins and especially the caseins, so taking the cow out of the production system."

The underside/gills of a mushroom cap.

Podcast: "Mighty Mycelium" | Business for Good
Guest: Isabella Iglesias-Musachio | CEO | Bosque Foods
Time Saved: 43 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[4:35] IIM: "Another reason [that speaks for fungi] is really around sustainability in comparison to plant proteins. [...] When I look at what we're doing and how we're using fungi and fermentation to create a whole food ingredient, a single ingredient, that can create that texture that allows us to kind of bypass some of the processing, and even some of the energy and land and water footprint that it takes to create plant-based products, I think we have a major competitive advantage. [...] We're trying to understand how we can really create a future proof solutions for creating food in the future."

Colourful food 🍱

Podcast: "Reuse is the Most Environment Friendly Way" | The Climapreneur Show
Guest: Shashwat Gangwal | Founder | InfinityBox
Time Saved: 26 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[2:55] SG: "Infinity Box is aimed at creating a reuse platform for not just food delivery, but for any quick commerce delivery. So we want to reuse the resources that have already been utilized in creating different products, like plastic containers to use for delivering food, over and over again, and ensure that they're completely recyclable at the end of life, so that we can create a truly circular economy. [...] Quick commerce [is] anything that's delivered to your house frequently and in a high density area."

a glass of fresh water

Podcast: "Don’t Market Water as Water" | Water We Talking About?
Guest: Mary Conley Eggert | Founder | Global Water Works
Time Saved: 18 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[5:29] MCE: "If you market water as water, people will assume it's free and not necessarily want to invest. They assume you're doing good service. But if you market it as energy savings, as health care, risk management, people will pay what they'll pay in those sectors. And that's what we've found is essential to do: equate the water efficiency available through technologies to the actual business values that people will invest in."

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