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PodSnacks' Roundup

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"Chamath Palihapitiya: Money, Success, Startups, Energy, Poker & Happiness" | Lex Fridan Podcast

Guest: Chamath Palihapitiya | Founder & CEO | Social Capital
Time Saved: 3 Hours 1 Minute

Selected Quote:

[2:01:33] CP: "If your precondition is to start something successful, you've already failed. Because now you're playing somebody else's game. What success means is not clear. You're walking into the woods. It's murky, it's dark, it's wet, it's raining, there's all these animals about it, there's no comfort there. So you better really like hiking. And there's no short way to shortcut that."

"Sam Bankman Fraud: Inside the Collapse of FTX’s Hollow Empire" | The Breakdown, With NLW

Host: Nathaniel Whittemore
Time Saved: 53 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[39:34] NLW: "However, there was another source of rot here, one which in our necessary self reflection we cannot forget. And that's a power-drunk kid or kids with too much fake money and too much willingness to lie, deceive, and defraud his customers, employees, and investors to achieve whatever ends he had decided justified the means."

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"Elon Musk: Somebody that I Used to Know" | On with Kara Swisher

Hosts: Kara Swisher & Nayeema Raza
Time Saved: 1 Hour 5 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[58:44] KS: "I think it's very easy to say [...] [that Elon] is a narcissist, malevolent. [...] I think he does want to [...] make a dent in the universe. I think he really cares. [...] It's much more complex than just "what an asshole". [...] He's one of the biggest thinkers in Silicon Valley. He's also become more narcissistic than I thought possible. [...] I think it's in him to do great things. I think what he's doing now is indulgent, the way he's behaving. I think he should bring in the best people, and he should listen to them. And he should find new fresh ways of doing something [at Twitter]. And if he doesn't, he's gonna lose a lot of money. [However] I don't think he cares about money.”

"FTX Collapse, [...] Election Results, Macro Update & More" | All-In

Hosts: Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg
Time Saved: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[17:33] DS: "The bottom line is that who your messenger is in politics is incredibly important. And Trump just gives his enemies way too much to work with. [...] The message of this election is: first fix crazy, then fix policy. If you're coming across like you're crazy, the voters will reject you. Now, that doesn't mean you can't stand for principle."

"Money and Power in the World of Soccer" | The Prof G Show

Guest: Rory Smith | Chief Soccer Correspondent | The New York Times
Time Saved: 43 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[29:27] RS: "World Cups are always slightly potemkin. [...] The streets get swept a little bit more clean, the police are a little bit nicer. [...] That happens in every World Cup. It happened in Brazil, and in South Africa, [...] in Russia, and it'll happen in Qatar. There is a degree of pretense about a mega event where a country presents its best face. This is the only tournament, I can think of, where there are suggestions that fans have been paid to go to the tournament to create the right atmosphere and send the right message. And that from a journalistic point of view, [...] this might be the dominant theme of the next month. [...] There is a tension between what is being projected and what is actually real."

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