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"The Twitter Files Parts 1-2: Shadow Banning, Story Suppression, Interference & More" | All-In

Hosts: Chamath Palihapitiya, Jason Calacanis, David Sacks & David Friedberg
Time Saved: 1 Hour 11 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[17:10] CP: "I think moderation is incredibly difficult. And typically what happens is early on in a company's lifecycle, [...] you have this massive tidal wave of usage. And so you're always on a little bit of a hamster wheel. [...] You build these very basic tools, and you uncover problems along the way. And so I think it's important to humanize the people that are at Twitter, because I'm not sure that they're these super nefarious actors per se. I do think that they were conflicted. I do think that they made some very corrupting decisions. But I don't think that they were these evil actors. I think that they were folks who, against the tidal wave of usage, built some brittle tools, built on top of them, built on top of it some more, and tried to find a way of coping. And as scale increased, they didn't have an opportunity to take a step back and reset. And I think that that's true for all of these [social media] companies. And so you're just seeing it out in the light [...] at Twitter."

"Samuel Ian Rosen Is Mapping Water Points, Worldwide" | Jivetalking

Guest: Samuel Ian Rosen | Founder & CEO | Tap
Time Saved: 1 Hour

Selected Quote:

[2:38] SIR: "What I realized was water [...] was not connected to the internet. [...] If Google, the company that has all the information in the world, does not have the GPS coordinates or a picture or the quality of that drinking water, then something is broken in the water system, at least from a digital from a software perspective. So I set out to create a software company that connects water to the internet. And the mission was to eliminate single use plastic water bottles. [...] Tap is a mission driven software company that connects water to the internet through creating digital software products."

A Message from Lykeion:

How do interest rates, the war in Ukraine, and a prolonged period of inflation affect how you think about your investments?
Lykeion brings investment grade commentary to the newsletter world, covering the converging worlds of business, finance, and geopolitics - in an objective and practical way.

"Robinhood’s Retirement Accounts & Disney’s Next Move" | The Prof G Pod

Hosts: Scott Galloway & Edward Elson
Time Saved: 25 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[24:11] SG: "My prediction is that Disney is going to make a big acquisition in the first half of 2023. [...] I think the ad supported media ecosystem is under attack and [Iger] needs to do something big and bold and also he has the license and credibility to do it. [...] I think if they were to acquire Roblox which has seen its stock [...] get hammered pretty severely, [...] they could push Disney parks to Roblox. They could create the Disneyverse. [...] More than half of kids in the US under the age of 18 are on Roblox. And I think the idea of taking the parks and some of that imagination and joy and characters [and] disperse it out to the Roblox community, if you will, would be an interesting idea."

"Nuclear Fusion Breaks Through" | Unexplainable

Guest: Umair Irfan | Science Reporter | Vox
Time Saved: 30 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[3:39] NH: "Fusion power almost seems too good to be true. One kilogram of fusion fuel has the same potential power as 10 million kilograms of coal. And that same kilogram of fusion fuel could power 10,000 homes for a full year, all without the same pollution or greenhouse gasses that come from fossil fuel. [...] Fusion has this almost limitless potential, because it's essentially like bottling up a star."

"Hubspot Co-Founder Brian Halligan on his New Climate Fund" | This Week in Startups

Guest: Brian Halligan | Co-Founder | Propeller Ventures
Time Saved: 49 Minutes

Selected Quote:

[35:23] BH: "We counted 13 different [...] tech verticals, where there's some sort of disruption going [that can be applied to the ocean]. And there's three in particular that we like. We like the idea of carbon sequestration. How do you get more of that carbon dioxide in the air sequestered at the very bottom of the ocean? [...] [We also focus on] ocean organics, so everything from aquaculture to new types of creating seafood in a lab, for example, food for fish, [...] kelp and products that come out of kelp to feed animals and humans. [...] And then just ocean industrials, [which is] everything from desalination plants to underwater energy, wave energy, tidal energy. [...] They're all really different technologies and different business models, which makes it really challenging and interesting."

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