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🗣️ Water Quality, Bottled Water & Minerals

TSC: Him & Her Podcast

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Hosts: Lauryn Evarts & Michael Bosstick
Guest: Robert Slovak | Water Scientist
Category: 🗣️ Opinion | Water Quality

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:24] “[We get] incredibly less [minerals than we used to]. […] Since 1900 to present the decline of minerals and trace elements […] is like a ski slope going down, exactly the opposite as the increase in chronic disease from 1900 to present.

[7:07] “As modern farming took place in the late 1800s, it was one, let's make it mechanical, faster, more profitable. And […] adding organic matter back into the soil, […] that's time consuming. So let's just use the key chemicals, like nitrate fertilizers. […] By now we have denatured food, even if it's organically grown. […] There's 78 minerals and trace elements that can be available to us, […] if you were to just go get soil from the local farmer, you'd be hard pressed to get 15 or 20.”

[28:41] “My brother and I were instrumental in the development of reverse osmosis technology. […] I drink tap water that is processed by the technology I helped bring to the world, reverse osmosis, and other stages of technology like activated carbon, etc. And I know what that does to the tap water. It removes all of its contaminants that I'm concerned with, to very low levels. […] So I add back in hypertonic.”

[31:29] “Tap water in general, if we just take North America, doesn't contain enough minerals to make a difference anyway.”

[32:13] “I wouldn't ever consume tap water directly. It just has such a plethora of chemicals in it, over 100. And just over your lifetime, it's not something like in India that could kill you in a week, but it's going to affect your life and your health. There's just disinfection byproducts and chemicals galore. They're mostly used to protect you from microbes, but they affect you as well. So you have to get rid of those.”

[33:51] “Generally, if you're a name brand bottled water, you actually belong to a Bottled Water Association […] and you have to meet standards. And those standards are typically safe enough that it's not going to have a major negative impact in your health. The worst problem is the fact that it doesn't contain the minerals that you need, because you're not getting it from your food either.”

[45:41] “For the last 10 years, I've been a foe of the alkaline water fad. […] pH is an irrelevant parameter when it comes to water. Because they sell pH as something that maintains control over metabolic acids formed in the body from natural metabolism. […] Most of the acid you get rid of by exhaling carbon dioxide. […] The rest of the stuff is you're neutralizing the acids with buffering compounds from minerals. And so they just decided whether they didn't know what they were talking about, or it was all planned that if we just had the pH high enough, it would do it. And it's just not true. Do not waste your money on just high pH water. Now, if you tell me […] my water not only has high pH, but it has enough buffering alkalinity to neutralize acid, that's okay.”

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