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🍏 "Taking Cows Out of Dairy Industry"

The NatureBacked Podcast

Photo by Doruk Yemenici | Unsplash

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Host: Tarmo Virki
Guest: Will Van den Tweel | Project Director | Those Vegan Cowboys
Category: 🍏 Sustainable Food | Plant-Based Dairy

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[1:06] WVDT: "Those Vegan Cowboys [...] target a more sustainable production of milk proteins. Milk proteins are very nutritional, very functional, but the way we are producing them, and also the products that derive from them, we cannot continue to do that. We need to change that. And Those Vegan Cowboys target the microbial production of the milk proteins and especially the caseins, so taking the cow out of the production system."

[3:20] WVDT: "[The founders also founded] The Vegetarian Butcher. And the ambition of both was to become the largest butcher in the world. And they have been quite successful [...] and 10 years later in 2018 they sold the company to Unilever."

[4:32] WVDT: "Both [founders] had the initiative to look also in the dairy space, because also some changes are needed [there as well], [...] whether it's [because of] the nitrogen emission, whether it's the carbon footprint, also look at the land use, [...] methane as well."

[5:14] WVDT: "The largest part of [the area used for food production], about 75%, is being used for cattle [and] for dairy. While it only provides [...] about 25-30% of the calories and also of the protein. So look[ing] at the growing population, we need to change. And then I think the most efficient way to do that is to make the food in a different way. And that's what we as Those Vegan Cowboys [...] are working on. [...] Caseins do not exist in plants. [...] So if you favor them, and most people favor them, also cheese as a product, you need to produce it in a different way."

[7:34] WVDT: "In the States, [up to] 20% of the classical dairy milk is being replaced by the almond milks, by the pea milks, by [...] the soy milks. [...] In Europe, I think the percentage is somewhat lower. But that clearly shows that there is a big interest. So there is a big community of people, vegetarians, flexitarians, vegans, who are looking for these types of products. And the same holds true with cheese."

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🗓️ 09/19/2022
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