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💸 "Sustainable Investments in the Clean Energy Space"

Green Planet Blue Planet Podcast

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Host: Julian Guderley
Guest: Dimitry Gershenson | Co-Founder | Enduring Planet
Category: 💸 Investing | Energy Investing
Original: 56 min | Time Saved: 55 min

Main Takeaways:

  • Dimitry Gershenson started Enduring Planet, a company that provides non-dilutive financing to climate technology entrepreneurs, to address the lack of available funding for climate solutions.
  • Gershenson believes capitalism incentivizes consumption in a way that is misaligned with addressing climate change, but transforming capitalism quickly enough is unlikely so his company aims to steer capital flows towards climate solutions.
  • The IRA clean energy legislation introduced small tax incentives that sparked the largest expansion of clean energy investment in the US by making clean energy economics more favorable.
  • Gershenson thinks most of the entrepreneurs Enduring Planet funds are incrementally improving the system rather than fundamentally changing capitalism, but consistent marginal changes can still drive an energy transition.
  • Having conversations with his young daughter about complex issues like animal agriculture has challenged Gershenson's perspectives and assumptions on topics related to climate justice.
  • Gershenson believes deep experiential learning that allows kids to explore ideas hands-on, rather than passively absorb information, is highly impactful for education.
  • Despite recognizing how challenging the climate crisis is, Gershenson chooses optimism because the only other option he sees is defeatism and giving up.

Essential Bites:

[00:29:58] DG: "If we deploy all at a billion dollars over the next five years, I'll be pretty happy. I think that's actually a really reasonable sum of money to put to work in this space given that [...] overall, the expectation is about a trillion dollars worth of credit need in the market every year."

[00:45:28] DG: "I believe that a society can exist where we don't depend on exploitation for happiness."

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🗓️ 07/26/2023