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🤖 Leveraging AI to Enhance Water Security

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Host: Jason Jacobs
Guests: Jose Galindo & Nicolas Wertheimer | Co-Founders | Waterplan
Category: 🤖 Technology

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:04] JG: “Waterplan is a software as a service platform to help companies that use water in the production process to financially quantify and mitigate water risk. So for example, losing access to water and having to stop production, […] having to change the sort of water that they use, any kind of destruction regarding production related to water.”

[10:16] NW: “Corporate water stewardship basically has the opportunity to understand how I will drive my business and relate in a sustainable way with a water resource. Companies are starting to hire and open these areas where they have water experts like engineers and conservation experts that can guide the whole strategy of the company towards protecting the environment […] and also because of different aspects that may be impacting society, even education.”

[11:23] JG: “Water security is a super broad concept. It has to do with a lot of different factors from water access and sanitation, […] it has to do with hazards, […] it has to do with the availability of water […], [and it has to do with water] quality. […] Since the term is broader, we are starting with availability, […] but in the short term, we're going to move forward into water access and sanitation, [and] water quality as well.”

[12:11] NW: “I always dream about how technology can actually accelerate a lot of the solutions that have been super siloed in the water sector. I understand from my experience that the water sector is a late comer for technology.”

[13:46] JG: “You can have companies up to 10% of their EBITDA compromised because of water risk. The way companies have been dealing mostly with these kinds of issues is in a reactive manner. […] And there's a lot of studies that says that the cost of inaction is up to five times higher than the cost of proactively being prepared for that. So the whole basis and they already have Waterplan is how can we help companies internalize the externality of water risk? How can we help them quantify that risk?”

[29:23] JG: “Water is almost free in most of the places of the world. So water is not an issue until it is an issue. […] But this is something that we're starting to see a lot of companies start to do in terms of internal cost of water, trying to understand the value that they have in their operations. […] Regulation is going to come in the next few years.”

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