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☁️ Reimagining Nature's Packaging

My Climate Journey

Photo by Volodymyr Hryshchenko | Unsplash

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Host: Cody Simms
Guest: Insiya Jafferjee | CEO & Co-Founder | Shellworks
Category: ☁️ Carbon | Packaging

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[8:24] IJ: "Plastic is actually many materials. And that's partially why you have a problem with managing it. [...] One of our principles [...] is how do you create mono material packaging, because most packaging is multiple layers of plastic. [...] A great example is we've been tackling cosmetic ingredients, which with the best of their intentions have been trying to move to natural ingredients. But then the trouble with natural ingredients is that they're very active and they have a shorter shelf life. And so they require maybe more problematic types of packaging."

[24:35] IJ: "Our goal has always been to make plastic waste a thing of the past. We actually think plastic is a great material, but it's not been used for the right kinds of applications. So how do we make materials that last only as long as they need to?"

[36:55] IJ: "There's [...] three core value adds [that our technology provides]. The first is a [...] on [the] future R&D space, where we can work with suppliers to [advise them that] if you design your strains slightly differently, it's probably going to be more commercial, based on our insights with really understanding polymer production."

[37:16] IJ:" The second [value add] is the material formulation. And I think this is something in natural materials that just hasn't been explored as much [by the big cosmetics companies]. [...] And then the third will be the engineering of the solution so that we can provide a natural sealant so that we can provide a mono material pump."

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🗓️ 10/06/2022
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