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🤖 "Small Systems Trends"

Talking Under Water

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Host: Bob Crossen
Guests: Ronit Erlitzki | Director of Business Development & Innovation | AdEdge Water Technologies &
RJ Cavagnaro | Director of Marketing| AdEdge Water Technologies
Category: 🤖 Technology

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[8:24] RC: “Some of the trends that we're seeing inside the [small systems] bid [specifications] […] [refer to] emerging contaminants. PFAS is obviously a hot topic right now here in the United States and elsewhere. Manganese is continuing to get traction in the United States, especially after Canada lowered their health standard. […] And then we are also seeing a lot of trends toward sustainability, or dealing with water scarcity issues, water reuse, especially out in the West Coast. […] Some of the states out there are going to start having mandates on water use. So that's becoming a massive issue here in the United States for smaller systems.”

[11:44] RC: “Another thing that we have been seeing is the rise of a lot of design build projects, where one company is serving as the point of contact for the entire project from the scoping, estimating design, construction startup to sometimes even operating. [Utilities] are looking for some of these small systems for one company to wear multiple hats and try to do multiple things for them, instead of going to different vendors for different portions of projects.”

[14:39] RC: “We definitely have technology available at our fingertips 24/7. […] So there's that public awareness element of it that's driving some of these emerging trends. And then for things like water reuse, obviously climate change and how that's driving the importance of sustainability. And then […] the infrastructure bill […] is another thing […] that has a significant chunk of change in there for water treatment in the United States. And we're gonna see a lot of these regulations and the intersection of technology and water treatment, really becoming front and center […]. And then also, the aging workforce is another thing. […] The younger generation is using technology in really cool creative ways to be able to operate, troubleshoot water treatment systems.”

[17:58] RC: “For people to understand the value of water, I think is important. Our water rates in the United States are relatively very inexpensive compared to other places in the world. And I think that utilities and through this infrastructure bill, can really educate the public saying, […] this is what you are getting from your clean water. […] You're having water that you don't have to worry about […] bacteria being in your water, when you turn it on tomorrow morning. Those are important things that utilities, I believe, can do better […] in communicating to their customers. And then which will drive some of these changes in regulation […] across the US.”

[19:40] RE: “The focus needs to be on the idea that we need to adhere to anything that is high recovery and low cost. […] We try to bring innovation that influences the footprint, the cost, the delivery time and the actual need of the customer, because many times there is a way to address a few contaminants with a single treatment solution. […] We will recycle backwash water, and we will implement biological treatment for nitrate removal. In fact, I think that we're the only company in the US that has […] a biological treatment system for groundwater for removal of nitrate, which is […] such a clean and environmentally friendly approach.”

[28:24] RE: “We're just done designing the newest version of our rainwater harvesting containerized system. […] We see it more on the industrial side, because many of the large international companies have very stringent and clear sustainability goals. And every drop of water needs to be collected, including rainwater, which is critical where you don't have enough rainwater, but it's also critical where you have a lot of rainwater, you want to collect it, as long as local regulation allows you to collect this water. So it's always complicated, […] but the point is that it is definitely of source of water and we see that […] residential communities come up with the idea of collecting rainwater, but if we're looking at larger scale, […] big warehouses […] need to install a rainwater harvesting system. […] Water is scarce.”

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