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☁️ "Revolutionizing Ammonia Production"

Climate Now

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Host: James Lawler
Guest: Hiro Iwanaga | Co-Founder | Talus Renewables
Category: ☁️ Carbon | Decarbonization
Original: 34 min | Time Saved: 33 min

Main Takeaways:

  • Hiro Iwanaga is the CEO and co-founder of Talus Renewables, a company aiming to revolutionize ammonia production which is critical for fertilizer and food production globally. Talus Renewables has developed modular containerized systems that can produce green ammonia on-site using only renewable power and water as inputs.
  • Today's ammonia production is highly centralized, relying on fossil fuels, and accounts for 450 million tons of CO2 emissions annually making it the largest CO2 emitting chemical process. Talus' process uses electrolysis and renewable energy instead of methane or coal to produce the hydrogen needed.
  • Talus' small, modular systems can be shipped and installed on farms or groups of farms, allowing for on-site production that cuts transportation emissions and provides a local fixed-price supply. This makes fertilizer cheaper and more accessible in remote regions like Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • The recently passed Inflation Reduction Act provides tax credits for producing green hydrogen, which Tallis uses as a feedstock for ammonia. This improves the economics substantially for Talus' customers in the US.
  • Talus' systems can integrate with on-site solar power, providing the farm cheaper electricity while also offering grid services like demand response back to utilities. This makes adoption easier.
  • While nitrogen fertilizers can cause environmental issues if over-applied, targeted on-site production can enable farms to use less fertilizer improving sustainability. Talus sees their solution as complementary to regenerative agriculture practices.
  • Hiro sees huge potential to apply modular, distributed production models enabled by renewable energy to other carbon-intensive basic materials like chemicals beyond just ammonia.
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🗓️ 08/07/2023