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☁️ "Reducing Plastic Usage En Masse & Improving Recycling"


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Host: Silas Mähner
Guest: Bahruz Mammadov | CEO | BERKM Inc
Category: ☁️ Carbon | Plastic

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:24] BM: "At BERKM, we are working on solving several global challenges, one of them being plastic pollution. [...] We reduce the amount of plastic per packaging up to 20%. We also extend product shelf life [by] six times and more and support recycling in several ways."

[8:21] BM: "In general, overall recycling [...] [of] plastic [in the US] [...] is [about] 9%. [...] 91% of plastic, basically, [...] ends up in the environment. [...] To make one pound of plastic, [...] you produce [around] one pound in CO2 emissions. And for some plastics, depend[ing] on the chemical manufacturing, it is even more. Most of [the plastic produced] ends up in landfills. The Great Pacific Plastic Island is three times [the size] of France."

[10:28] BM: "We have an additive, [...] which gets mixed with plastic. What it does in the first place, it increases material properties. [...] We [also] improve [is the] strain of plastic. [...] Because we improve strain and gas barrier properties of plastic, basically you can make the walls of the bottle package thinner, about 20%, [...] basically [...] eliminating every fifth plastic package."

[13:08] BM: "It is still PET, but it is PET 2.0. [...] If you want adoption, rather quick, not to 20 years, it is better to improve properties of existing materials, in addition to getting new materials."

[15:22] BM: "There are alternative [plastic] technologies, but [...] we are cheaper, [and] also those alternative technologies harm recycling by creating these yellowish colors [...] that consumers don't like."

[36:13] BM: "Everything starts with us. We should keep trying to minimize our plastic pollution ourselves. For example, I never buy single use plastic bottles, if I need to buy spring water for my home, I buy bigger containers. [...] I have water bottles for the gym that I frequently refill. [...] Keep putting pressure on your favorite brands [...] to use sustainable materials, like paper, or use less plastic."

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🗓️ 11/01/2022
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