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🔬 "Projects for the Plastic Ocean"


Photo by Naja Bertolt Jensen / Unsplash

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Host: Travis Loop
Guest: Bonnie Monteleone | Founder & Executive Director | Plastic Ocean Project
Category: 🔬 Research

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[5:19] “The plastic in the ocean has been studied since the early 70s. But none of the scientists were actually talking about it or getting it out to the general public that we had a serious problem in our hands. And it wasn't until […] research in the North Pacific [that] quantified plastics outweighing plankton, six to one.

[6:37] “We now know that plastic is ingested, everything from the smallest animals on the planet, which is plankton, all the way up to blue whales and everything in between. And that's just the ingestion side. That's not including the chemicals and of course, entanglement, the plastics cause. So it's a really planetary crisis that this plastic is causing.”

[17:16] “We can't just rely on our government to ban things and make them go away. We have to educate people to make better choices. And what we're learning is we really shouldn't be eating or drinking out of plastic. […] We really need other materials.”

[18:34] “By designing this program called Ocean Friendly Establishments, we get businesses to reduce their use of waste. And by doing so they become certified. And now we even have a star system, because once they get rid of one plastic or one type of disposable item, they start thinking what else can I do? […] Shockingly, we even have a dentist office that's an ocean friendly establishment. And so this is just an example of how all industries, all businesses can figure out ways to do better, but they need the tools to figure out how to do better and that's where Plastic Ocean Project comes into play.”

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