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This Week's Favorite Podcasts

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Here are my Top 5 podcast episodes I recommend listening to over the weekend.

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📰 News

Podcast: Up First
Episode: “Friday, July 23, 2021”
Hosts: A Martínez & Noel King
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 13 min | 🗓️ 07/23/2021

This “Up First” episode covers the first interview with CIA Director William Burns since his confirmation in March. One of the major topics is the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and its potential consequences. Further reports refer to the burial of Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and the opening ceremony of the Tokyo Olympics, which are subjected to lots of controversy.

🗳️ Politics | 🌍 Environment

Podcast: The Daily - A New York Times Podcast
Episode: “Putting a Price on Pollution”
Host: Michael Barbaro
Guest: Somini Sengupta | International Climate Reporter | The New York Times
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 25 min | 🗓️ 07/23/2021

“We are not prepared to live with the climate we have already changed.” I think this statement from climate reporter Somini Sengupta perfectly summarizes the harsh reality that hit so many parts of the world in the past weeks. In an effort to change that, the European Commission introduced ambitious legislation that targets a strict emissions cut within the next decade. To find out what this proposal includes and its implications for the automotive and energy industry, I highly recommend this episode.

💬 Culture & Society

Podcast: Conspirituality
Episode: “From Anti-Feminism to Anti-Vax”
Hosts: Derek Beres, Matthew Remski & Julian Walker
Guest: Dr. Annie Kelly
Apple | Stitcher | 🕰️ 1 hr 29 min | 🗓️ 07/23/2021

I wasn’t even aware of the term “Conspirituality” until a loved one shared an article with me that covers the convergence of “right-wing conspiracy theories and faux-progressive wellness utopianism”. Through the article I discovered this podcast, which I consider an extremely important piece of journalism. Each week the hosts explore current cases where “spiritual beliefs that have nurtured creativity and meaning are transforming into memes of a quickly-globalizing paranoia”. In this episode Dr. Annie Kelly shares in detail how anti-feminism is connected to the anti-vax movement and overall conspirituality. A personal new weekly must listen!

💬 Culture & Society | 🏈 Sports

Podcast: Sway - A New York Times Podcast
Episode: “Kara Goes to the Olympics”
Host: Kara Swisher
Guest: Dick Pound | International Olympic Committee
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 34 min | 🗓️ 07/20/2021

Kara Swisher interviews Dick Pound, a member of the International Olympic Committee and the founding president of the World Anti-Doping Agency. Like always, I appreciate Kara’s persistence on getting answers to tough questions. These include the measures around safety in times of a pandemic, the missing audience, the sentiment in Japan towards the Games and the suspension of American track star Sha’Carri Richardson.

✨ Spirituality

Podcast: The World’s First Podcast
Episode: “How Our Greatest Fear Becomes Our Greatest Gift”
Hosts: Sara & Erin Foster
Guest: Rabbi Steve Leder | Senior Rabbi | Wilshire Boulevard Temple
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 1 hr 31 min | 🗓️ 07/22/2021

“Death teaches us to lead more meaningful lives.” Sara and Erin Foster welcome Rabbi Steve Leder, the Senior Rabbi of Wilshire Boulevard Temple and the author of "The Beauty of What Remains" on their podcast. This episode entails so much wisdom and meaningful discussions about the current state of the world that it’s a must listen in my mind. I intentionally placed this episode in the category “spirituality”, because the message Rabbi Leder shares goes beyond religion and I think resonates with and is valuable to everyone.