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This Week's Favorite Podcasts

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Here are my Top 5 podcast episodes I recommend listening to over the weekend.

Which podcast would you suggest? Share with the community in the comments.

- Snack Queen

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📰 News

Podcast: The Rachel Maddow Show
Episode: “Tempers Flare After Police Kill Another Black Man in Traffic Stop‬”
Host: Rachel Maddow
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 52 min | 🗓️ 04/13/2021

Whenever I am in the United States, I enjoy watching Rachel Maddow. She is smart and eloquent. Just recently I found out that “The Rachel Maddow Show” is also being released as a podcast and ever since, I regularly tune in. This episode highlights the police killing of Daunte Wright last weekend. It includes live, unedited interviews with angry protesters outside the Brooklyn Center, MN police department that perfectly capture the current sentiment among lots of Americans.

🗳️ Politics

Podcast: Today, Explained
Episode: “Vaccine Passport, Please”
Host: Sean Rameswaram
Guest: Rebecca Heilweil | Journalist | Recode
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 24 min | 🗓️ 04/13/2021

This “Today, Explained” episode covers the current public discussion on vaccine passports. It reveals that vaccine passports are not a new invention, but have been around for decades. Discover why proving that you have got the shot is yet so controversial and why public opinion makers could have done a better job at branding this kind of documentation.

🚀 Biz & Tech

Podcast: This Week in Startups
Episode: “Throwback! Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong from November 201‪7‬”
Host: Jason Calacanis
Guest: Brian Armstrong | CEO | Coinbase
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 20 min | 🗓️ 04/15/2021

In the light of this week’s Coinbase IPO, Jason Calacanis replays a 3.5 year old interview with Coinbase CEO, Brian Armstrong. It’s fascinating to go back to a time pre cryptocurrency craze and listen to Brian’s predictions. Towards the end of the episode Jason and Brian make a bet on the 10 year Bitcoin price. Curious about their takes? Then make sure to give this a listen!

💬 Culture & Society

Podcast: A Bit of Optimism
Episode: “The One With Brené Brown‬”
Host: Simon Sinek
Guest: Brené Brown | Professor, Author, Speaker
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 53 min | 🗓️ 03/13/2021

When two inspiring people get together and have a deep and meaningful debate about life, purpose and the current state of the world, it’s a personal must listen. Brené Brown, best known as a researcher and public speaker on the subjects of courage, vulnerability, shame and empathy, and bestselling author Simon Sinek dive deep into philosophical questions and don’t shy away from disagreement. This is your episode if you are looking for a profound discussion on stimulating topics.

🌍 Environment

Podcast: Business Daily
Episode: “A Conversation with Greta”
Host: Justin Rowlatt
Guest: Greta Thunberg | Activist
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 17 min | 🗓️ 04/13/2021

BBC’s Business Daily host, Justin Rowlatt, has a conversation with the world’s most famous climate activist, Greta Thunberg. He catches up with Greta on her plans to continue campaigning, what she has learned through her travels around the United States and her opinion on the pandemic’s environmental impact. An intriguing  interview that reveals why the climate emergency is more dire than ever before.