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This Week's Favorite Podcasts

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Here are my Top 5 podcast episodes I recommend listening to over the weekend.

Which podcast would you suggest? Share with the community in the comments.

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📰 News

Podcast: Apple News Today
Episode: “How a Professional Ransom Negotiator Deals with Hackers”
Hosts: Shumita Basu & Duarte Geraldino
Apple | 🕰️ 11 min | 🗓️ 06/03/2021

I’m constantly on the hunt for new podcasts. This week I discovered “Apple News Today” and have enjoyed every episode so far. The Thursday episode covers the latest news in Israel, where an unusual coalition has been formed that seems to have enough votes to replace the country’s longest-serving prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu. Furthermore, another ransomware attack hits the world's largest meat supplier. Since these attacks become increasingly common, many companies are turning to professional negotiators. The last major topic that is addressed is the humanitarian crisis in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, whose true scale remains.

🗳️ Politics

Podcast: The Ezra Klein Show
Episode: “Barack Obama on How Joe Biden Is ‘Finishing the Job’”
Host: Ezra Klein
Guest: President Barack Obama
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 59 min | 🗓️ 06/01/2021

Ezra Klein is undoubtedly one of my favorite interviewers. His conversations have a great flow and he always asks thoughtful questions that are just different. In this week’s episode his guest is no other than President Barack Obama. In this rather philosophical conversation, they reflect on the successes and failures of his presidency. Two main topics that are addressed are persuasion and polarization. Obama reveals the mistakes he believes were made in the design of the 2009 stimulus and the Affordable Care Act and how President Biden is now completing the policy changes begun in the Obama administration.

💵 Finance

Podcast: Modern Finance
Episode: “Pomp - Bitcoin, Asset Allocation, and the Psychology of Crypto HODLing”
Host: Kevin Rose
Guest: Anthony Pompliano a.k.a. "Pomp" | Entrepreneur, Podcast Host & Investor
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 57 min | 🗓️ 06/01/2021

Usually I listen to Pomp’s own podcast, so it was a nice change to hear him being interviewed. Kevin Rose leads an interesting conversation that goes deep into Pomp’s life as an entrepreneur, podcast host and investor. The main focus is cryptocurrency. Pomp is known as one of the most outspoken people about this field on multiple platforms, from his newsletter, to podcast, Twitter and YouTube. Listen to this episode if you are curious to find out how much of Pomp’s overall net worth is invested in crypto and what he thinks about the latest price drop of Bitcoin.

💬 Culture & Society

Podcast: Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
Episode: “Bubba Wallace”
Hosts: Dax Shepard & Monica Padman
Guest: Bubba Wallace | NASCAR Driver
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 1 hr 19 min | 🗓️ 06/03/2021

I have personally never watched a NASCAR race in my life, nor did I know who Bubba Wallace was - until last year. Bubba Wallace unintentionally, as he explains, became the leading activist for cultural change in his sport, in the light of the Confederate flag being banned by NASCAR. In a lively conversation with Dax and Monica, Bubba also talks about how he ended up becoming a professional stock car racing driver in the first place and what it is like to have Michael Jordan as his new boss. This episode is very entertaining and goes beyond the surface of sports.

📖 History

Podcast: The Daily - A New York Times Podcast
Episode: “The Burning of Black Tulsa”
Host: Michael Barbaro
Guest: Brent Staples | Editorial Board | The New York Times
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 34 min | 🗓️ 06/01/2021

This week marks the 100th anniversary of the Tulsa massacre, historically being called the “Tulsa Race Riot”. I was looking for a podcast that describes in detail what happened in Tulsa, Oklahoma in the early hours of June 1, 1921, what impact it had and still has today. This “The Daily” episode was able to answer all of these questions and also explore the following: What would justice look like? What makes this episode especially intriguing are interview snippets from a 107 year old woman that was present at the massacre.