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This Week's Favorite Podcasts

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Here are my Top 5 podcast episodes I recommend listening to over the weekend.

Which podcast would you suggest? Share with the community in the comments.

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📰 News

Podcast: The Daily - A New York Times Podcast
Episode: “The Israeli-Palestinian Crisis, Reignited”
Host: Michael Barbaro
Guest: Isabel Kershner | Correspondent | The New York Times
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 30 min | 🗓️ 05/13/2021

This week the deadliest violence in years has broken out between Israel and the Palestinians. I found it challenging to find unbiased reporting on the complex situation in the Middle East, which made me even more appreciative of this podcast episode by the New York Times. Michael Barbaro and Isabel Kershner, a correspondent based in Jerusalem, go back in history as well as shed light on the recent events that incited missile strikes and violence on the streets. An absolute must listen!

🗳️ Politics

Podcast: Cuomo Prime Time
Episode: “Cheney Purged From GOP Leadership After Rejecting Trump Lie”
Host: Chris Cuomo
Guest: Adam Kinzinger | United States Representative
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 44 min | 🗓️ 05/13/2021

A lot of people consider CNN shows like “Cuomo Prime Time” more an opinion segment rather than news. And I totally agree. However, I appreciate the fact that Chris Cuomo is passionate, fearless and has guests on his show from both parties. As an alternative to the TV version, I just recently started to listen to the podcast and will definitely continue to do so. In this episode, one of the main topics is the Republicans’ majority vote against Representative Liz Cheyney, discussed with Representative Adam Kinzinger.

🚀 Biz & Tech

Podcast: Sway - A New York Times Podcast
Episode: “Jannick Malling”
Host: Kara Swisher
Guest: Jannick Malling | Co-CEO | Public
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 33 min | 🗓️ 05/10/2021

Kara Swisher has Jannick Malling on, the Co-CEO of the retail trading app Public. I found this episode very compelling, because it touches on multiple current topics. These include the responsibility of platforms when it comes to user privacy and safety, lessons learned from GameStop, the regulatory future of retail investing as well as Dogecoin.

🏆 Leadership

Podcast: Masters of Scale
Episode: “When the Moment Chooses You, Part 1”
Host: Reid Hoffman
Guest: President Barack Obama
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 44 min | 🗓️ 05/11/2021

The guest of this week’s “Masters of Scale” episode is none other than President Barack Obama. The common thread through this conversation is that politics and entrepreneurship have a lot in common. Both require leadership, patience, the right mindset and a clear vision. Obama also shares his experience on being at the right place at the right time and what it needs to then actually seize the opportunity. I am already looking forward to part 2 of this interview and I think you’ll feel similar after listening to this podcast.

💪 Self-Improvement

Podcast: The Quest with Justin Kan
Episode: “Dan Harris: Ten Percent Happier”
Host: Justin Kan
Guest: Dan Harris | Journalist
Apple | Spotify | 🕰️ 52 min | 🗓️ 05/11/2021

I have been listening to Dan Harris’ podcast “Ten Percent Happier” for a long time and I found it very special to see him on the opposite side of the microphone. Justin and Dan dive deep into the journey of happiness, openly share their struggles on the way, and talk about meditation and mindfulness. This episode doesn’t only scratch the surface, but rather shows the vulnerable side of both, the host and the guest, which really resonated with me. In a tumultuous world, we can’t address the topics of anxiety, depression and panic attacks enough.