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🤖 "Is Source the Future of Drinking Water?"

(don't) Waste Water!

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Host: Antoine Walter
Guest: Colin Goddard | Director | Source Global
Category: 🤖 Technology | Air to Water

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[10:20] CG: "Source is an innovative water technology that has developed a whole new way to create clean drinking water from the atmosphere using nothing but clean renewable energy. We are on a mission to make clean drinking water, an unlimited and renewable resource and perfect water for every person in every place on the planet."

[10:46] CG: "Using [the] term atmospheric water generation brings a lot of people back to an older set of technologies similar to essentially your dehumidifier or your air conditioner that largely inefficiently convert vapor in the air to drinking water. And also doing it in a way that's not really clean and suitable for human consumption. [...] The simple way to think about it as we are to the atmospheric water generation category like the electric motor is to the internal combustion engine. Yes, it accomplishes the same thing at the end of the day, but how it does it is fundamentally different and sustainable."

[15:52] CG: "Where a technology like this can have the biggest impact are the places where traditional centralized infrastructure has been unable to reach, [...] where the cost per connection is too high. So the utility or the government won't ever have a return in the reasonable future for them to justify the capital outlay of running pipe water systems and full water systems to these locations. [...] We are not providing all the domestic water needs for the home, but we are a critical supplementary component that really focuses on the very top of the pyramid of high quality water that is needed for human consumption."

[21:00] CG: "The greater population of people with pipe systems that don't trust [tap water] [...] and supplement their full system with single use plastic bottle water in many cases, that's a much larger opportunity that we see. [...] We can provide that same high quality drinking water that's provided separately and independently of the system that is of concern without all the plastic and transportation emissions."

[29:31] CG: "Many of the customers that we work with, particularly in the hospitality sector, would like a more sustainable packaged water that they can offer to guests. [...] So we're looking at options for us within packaging Source water in various ways to enable those partners and customers to grow their businesses. [...] We still are very focused on manufacturing hydro panels and deploying them and delivering water per our water purchase agreement contracts. But this is a new area for us to explore."

[39:08] CG: "I would say the larger trend to watch out for in the water sector is the emergence of distributed systems and decentralized systems, not just with drinking water [...] but also wastewater and bulk water supply. [Being] able to turn other waters uses other water sources into useful ways. So thinking about fit for purpose water. Not every type of water has to do every type of thing."

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🗓️ 09/21/2022
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