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☁️ "How to Not be Another Failed Green Plastics Chemistry Company [...]"

CleanTechies Podcast

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Host: Silas Mähner
Guest: Alex Blum | Co-Founder and CEO | Applied Bioplastics
Category: ☁️ Carbon | Plastics
Original: 1 hr 20 min | Time Saved: 1 hr 19 min

Main Takeaways:

  • Alex Blum is the founder and CEO of Applied Bioplastics, a company that has developed a far more environmentally friendly plastic using cellulose from agricultural waste. Applied Bioplastics makes plastics that are up to 85% less carbon emitting than normal plastics.
  • Applied Bioplastics has two business units - one focused on refugee housing using biocomposites, and a licensing model for bioplastic production that is cheaper and greener than normal plastics.
  • Blum emphasizes the importance of going to the plastic producers and not brands when trying to sell sustainable plastic solutions.
  • The bioplastics technology could reduce the 10% of global emissions caused by normal plastics down to just 1.5% if fully adopted. This would avoid millions of tons of CO2 emissions through the green plastic production process.
  • Blum advises that to make an impact on climate change, entrepreneurs should be comfortable taking risks and doing business in other countries where the problems exist. He believes Western entrepreneurs need to go to developing countries to address issues like emissions.

Essential Bites:

[00:47:24] AB: "You need to make a product that's cheaper than what's on the market today. [...] Most people on earth do not make choices about what they buy. They buy what's available. They buy what's cheapest because they have to [...]."

[01:12:34] AB: "If you want to make a real difference to real people, for the most part those people who need a difference made are not here in the West [...]. You need to be comfortable going to dangerous places, [...] because they're not really all that dangerous. [...] They just seem dangerous because they're unfamiliar."

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🗓️ 08/23/2023