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💬 "How to Make Water more Attractive"

(don't) Waste Water!

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Host: Antoine Walter
Guest: Errick Simmons | Co-Chair | Mississippi River Cities & Towns Initiative
Category: 💬 Opinion | Rethinking Water

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:32] ES: "When you rethink water, you're rethinking the world. [...] Given that it's a global issue, it must have a global solution. [...] What we're doing is looking not only at climate performance, but how we're rethinking water with aging infrastructure, across America, across the world, and how we can begin [...] to attract young folks to begin to look at water, and rethink water, but also have careers in water as well. [...] Our most prized natural resources are young people."

[12:12] ES: "My vision of the future of water is completely to digitize water in a way where we can see the problems coming before they come. You can see a system failing or a pipe fail [...] before it hits you."

[13:07] ES: "We need universities around the world to begin to offer scholarships to young folks to get into the water and wastewater industry. You are also going to need even at a local level [...] to begin to talk about the importance of water. Folks really don't recognize the significance of water. And so when you begin to educate [...] and re-educate, you will begin to have the attraction and recruitment as needed for rethinking water."

[14:59] ES: "[We will have succeeded] when we have more women in the water and wastewater industry, when we have disadvantaged communities, third world countries [...] begin to truly understand water, deploy natural infrastructure to help solve natural disasters, sequester carbon, [and improve] climate performance. But also have a large groundswell of young folks involved in the water industry. You got a lot of folks getting into the tech industry. But if you're going to digitize and rethink water, [...] we need people to be thinking about water and wastewater at the same scale or even greater."

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🗓️ 10/17/2022
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