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🌐 "How to Establish Compliance Confidence for Every Water Utility"

(don't) Waste Water!

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Host: Antoine Walter
Guest: David Lynch | Co-Founder & CEO | Klir
Category: 🌐 Digital

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[4:14] “Klir […] is the operating system for water. […] Water operates as one single interconnected system, albeit a system of chaos. […] It is one single cycle or one single system. And yet that's not how it is managed today. So basically what Klir is it's this one single platform that manages and will eventually manage at a watershed […], what happens and what activities are taking place inside that watershed with the ultimate aim to be able to, in essence, collaborate and make water better.”

[10:39] “Why does the sector need another piece of software or platform in Klir? […] First off, there's lots and lots of software there today, there's lots and lots of tools that you can use to manage a singular process in your authority, or manage a particular job that needs to be done. But the problem with a lot of the software in the market today is first of all, they were made for different verticals, they were made for health and safety, they were made for electricity transmission or something like that. And then they sort of maybe have to […] turn it into something that sort of works for water.”

[11:51] “You also have the challenge that maybe a lot of your consumers haven't intrinsically placed a high value on the product you're delivering. […] I think it's much more accepted that you're paying your electricity or gas rates, as opposed to water being perceived as something that just falls from the sky and is sort of free. […] It's definitely not the same as electricity or gas.”

[16:57] “In essence, when we think about operating systems, it's not like the Linux or the Windows services […]. This is about, I'm coming into work and I want to see something like […] Asana, […] where it just pulls all these disparate processes and systems and tasks that needs to be done into one place, which is very, very tightly aligned to the objective and the mission of my business. And that's sort of the next iteration of operating systems. And that that is what Klir is for water.”

[19:33] “I think in the water sector today, we have lots and lots of tools coming out, lots and lots of alarms, and lots of other fancy systems that are saying we can predict leaks or issues in your water. But what happens after that alarm is sent is typically speaking […] all an offline process.

[50:33] “We want to be that first proper water unicorn. […] I think the information we're collecting, the data we have, I think it's important that that remains in possibly a public market ownership or some whatever the equivalent is at a sort of maybe a crypto public market, or whatever the future may hold for us. […] I think it's important that there is accountability and autonomy in an organization that has such powerful data across water in different jurisdictions.”

[59:22] “We need to really […] get a value on water and we need to place a laser price on it. We need to as a species understand and we need to understand the value and the importance of water. It just is a completely unsustainable model that we have when it comes to water. And we need much more equality […], this is not limited to particular jurisdictions. You would think that one of the most developed countries in the world doesn't have water poverty, it does. […] People will go out and spend however much they do on bottled water […], but will argue against paying their municipal bill.

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