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"How To Increase Gut Health & Boost Your Immune System"

The Skinny Confidential: Him & Her Podcast

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[3:54] “It’s so important to take care of your gut, because we are 10 times more bacterial cells than we are human”.

[17:26] “70-80% of your immune system […] is found in your gut lining. […] That’s why people who have autoimmune issues, almost for sure have a leaky gut. […] [D]igestive issues, immune issues, […], skin health, […] mood, […] anxiety, depression - those types of matters all stem from an imbalance in your gut.”

[21:12] “We’re looking in tunnel vision at this one virus, when really we should be looking at our whole body and whole immune system and how we can help prepare our bodies to be resilient. This isn’t the last Coronavirus thats gonna come our way”.

[26:24] “[Probiotics are] ground zero for health. I think everybody that wakes up breathing should have a probiotic”.

[27:28] “The average American eats the same 16 foods over a course of a year. Whereas our ancestors used to eat 600 types of foods over a course of a year. Diversity in your food choices is helpful [for gut health]”.

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