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How to Maximize the Power of Your Breath

Healthy Bites #2

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[6:09] “It turns out that if you looked at an ancient skull, anything older than about 400 years […]. All of our ancestors had perfectly straight teeth. And we had these very forward-growing faces, which meant we had more room in our airways, which meant we breathed better. And modern skulls are the exact opposite. This is why we have crooked teeth”.

[6:44] “In college […] I had always learned that evolution was the survival of the fittest. We’re just getting better […]. That is complete garbage. Evolution means change and if you look at the human species right now, if you think that all of these diseases that we have and everything that’s happening to our bodies, if you think that this is improvement, you are sadly mistaken”.

[7:51] “They found that the most accurate marker of health and longevity wasn’t genes, wasn’t even cardiovascular health, it was lung capacity and respiratory health. So the larger your lungs [are], the better those lungs worked, the longer you [are] gonna live”.

[22:00] “The nose is our first line of defense. So, the nose will filter, particulate, it will heat air, it will moisten air, it will pressurize air, and it will condition it so that by the time it enters our lungs, our lungs can so much more easily absorb that oxygen. […] The nose has innumerable functions, and especially now in COVID, it’s essential to breathe through your nose”.

[41:52] “Breathing is probably the most important thing to take care of at the beginning. You build upon a foundation of healthy breathing, then you can get into your exercise, then you can get into eating right. But you have to be breathing right first”.

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