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Where Do You Hold Stress in Your Body?

Healthy Bites #1

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[6:16] “You can tell by the way someone is breathing, where they are holding their stress”.

[9:28] “We experience stress and trauma in our bodies, we don’t experience it in our minds. […] So, the work is to teach people to become aware of how I am impacted physically when I’m talking about I’m under stress”.

[13:36] “The work is to tolerate the discomfort of healing. […] What we have to remember is the pain of healing is acute, but it doesn’t last. The pain of […] staying in denial about whatever it is that we don’t want to face […] becomes chronic. And the pain lasts forever”.

[16:18] “[P]ain researchers have discovered that emotional pain is just as painful as physical pain, because emotional pain and physical pain share the same neural pathway”.

[17:26] “Just the way we think about it in terms of the binary, body-awareness - mind-awareness, is an aspect of disassociation. […] Thinking in the binary is not an ideal, optimal way to think”.

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