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💸 "Food for Thought"


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Host: Guillaume De Dorlodot
Guest: Björn Witte | CEO | Blue Horizon
Category: 💸 Investing | Foodtech

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[14:25] BW: "We most likely will be 10 billion people on this planet in the next 30 years. And it's simply not sustainable [...] if you eat like the Swiss do today, or the Germans, we will probably need three times the planet. And if you eat like the Americans, you probably need five planets. [...] [Foodtech] is a solution with a really big impact [that] is 70-80% bigger than all transport combined. Every plane, every truck, every big ship combined, has way less impact on the planet than a sustainable food system."

[18:32] BW: "Food is the biggest market in the world. It's four times the size of software. [...] But also food is the most, I would say, decentralized market, because you have a lot of different case profiles and localizations."

[19:37] BW: "Our mission as Blue Horizon for impact reasons is literally to say, let's take out the living animal from the food chain, and we'll have a massive impact. [...] [We have] a 2% penetration of alternative proteins in the protein market today. The last studies, which we did together with the Boston Consulting Group, we expect this depending on the assumption to go up to [...] 22% in the next 10 to 15 years."

[22:36] BW: "There are three core technologies driving this market of alternative proteins. The first one is plant-based, like Beyond Meat, [...] where you use a fairly traditional technology, which was used for dog food some 20 years back. [...] The second technology is fermentation, [which] is also a fairly old concept, but what has changed is that by now you have precision fermentation technology. [...] You take a recipe which is based on the DNA of a certain product and then you rebuild this protein to do exactly what you want it to do. [...] The third one is what is often referred to as clean meat, so it's lab-grown meat or lab-grown cells."

[42:08] BW: "I think from a consumer perspective, the Europeans have been partially quite progressive, especially in the UK [to adapt to alternative protein] [...]. German[y] is a tough market, but [...] they have been [...] second after the US only in terms of food innovation that has been brought to the shelf. [...] From a technology perspective, I think Europe has a big potential. [...] However, the venture capital on the earlier stage in the seed is much stronger in the US."

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🗓️ 09/08/2022
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