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☁️ "Emissions Tracking In The Automotive Industry"

Climate 21

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Host: Tom Raftery
Guest: Hagen Heubach | Global Vice President for Automotive | SAP
Category: ☁️ Carbon | Automotive Industry

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[20:37] HH: "What we decided as an entire [automotive] industry is, we're coming together as one global community [...] and we're going to shape an ecosystem of data exchange [...] and we're providing this data ecosystem on a win win basis for everyone. So we got to have a trusted, neutral and interoperable ecosystem, [which is] what we're building at Catena-X. [...] The most pressing use cases [are] product carbon footprint in scope three [and] circular economy, [which] is dismantling and reuse of components at the end of the life cycle."

[23:22] HH: "We are getting more and more requests from different industries, who are looking and want to replicate the concepts, or at least the ideas of Catena [...]. So finding an ecosystem where you have this win-win situation for everyone, and transfer it into the most pressing challenges of solving them into an industry. We get it from semiconductor industries, [...] from manufacturing, [...] mining and from the chemicals [industry]."

[26:25] HH: "Only 7% of our vehicle at the end of the lifecycle is really [...] reused. [...] We cannot let [that happen] for the next 50 years. All the different components of raw materials, copper, nickel, iron, and so on, [...] are super valuable, and [...] we need to get [those] back into the cycle. Plastics are the same thing. There's nothing around recycling plastics of cars, as of now."

[26:59] HH: "With Catena [...] we established new business processes and business models [for] the end of lifetime or life cycle of a car to structur[ally] dismantle cars and vehicles. [...] OEMs are currently planning to establish some so-called dismantling factories [...] [to] give back either full components [like an EV] battery [...] or I can even can give back raw materials."

[31:28] HH: "We're working currently on a rulebook in Catena-X regarding the product carbon footprint of the entire automotive industry. [...] From a business perspective, there are no rules for the automotive industry currently. How do we even want to measure CO2 footprint?"

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🗓️ 09/21/2022
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