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🔬 "Don’t Market Water as Water"

Water We Talking About?

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Hosts: Jim Lauria & Adam Tank
Guest: Mary Conley Eggert | Founder | Global Water Works
Category: 🔬 Research | Marketing Water

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[2:24] MCE: "The stories [about water] weren't being told when I entered the industry. And I happened to join a friend delivering supposedly water and jobs in Pakistan. And I set out to find out what our technology is about and they said, don't worry about it, 30 year old technology, everyone uses it. And I thought [...] that doesn't work for me. There's so many energy innovations. So I thought, where can you find out about technology [in water]?"

[4:50] MCE: "People assume water is free. And so if you make water more available, it's just more free. It doesn't help increase the value."

[5:29] MCE: "If you market water as water, people will assume it's free and not necessarily want to invest. They assume you're doing good service. But if you market it as energy savings, as health care, risk management, people will pay what they'll pay in those sectors. And that's what we've found is essential to do: equate the water efficiency available through technologies to the actual business values that people will invest in."

[12:35] MCE: "We [...] put together what's called a water tech showcase. [...] We believe that what people need and our mission is to solve the global water crisis in this generation, which means that you need proven solutions. [...] Many of them are smart water, digitally savvy technologies that can be implemented within weeks of a purchase order."

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🗓️ 09/16/2022
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