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💸 "Decoding the Future of Media and Commerce"

The Consumer VC

Table of Contents

Host: Mike Gelb
Guest: Kevin Parakkattu | Partner | Plug and Play Ventures
Category: 💸 Investing | Media
Original: 44 min | Time Saved: 43 min

Main Takeaways:

  • Kevin Parakkattu is a partner at Plug and Play Ventures, a unique platform that connects and invests in entrepreneurs, corporations, and investors worldwide. Plug and Play has invested in companies like Honey, Madison Reed, and Manscaped.
  • Parakkattu explains how Plug and Play started in the 1990s as a co-working space that opportunistically invested in startups like Google and PayPal. It has since evolved into a platform that charges corporations to access innovative startups that can help solve their problems.
  • Parakkattu discusses how the media and retail industries are facing inventory overages, lower consumer confidence, and an interest in automation and AI to optimize costs. The writer's strike highlights how media economics have shifted for creatives in the streaming era.
  • As an investor, Parakkattu is interested in rights management technologies that can detect copyright issues with AI-generated content. He also sees opportunity in technologies that lower consumer acquisition costs.
  • Plug and Play invests in consumer brands to fill white spaces, despite mainly investing in B2B tech. For consumer brands, they focus on 1.5-3X revenue multiples, unlike 10X+ for SaaS.
  • Parakkattu highlights a trend away from valuing scale and heavy capital expenditures. Companies are now focused on nimble, cloud-based solutions with less overhead.
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🗓️ 07/27/2023