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☁️ "Climate TRACE’s Bold Plan to Map Emissions with Satellites, Sensors & AI"

Invested in Climate

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Host: Jason Rissman
Guest: Gavin McCormick | Co-Founder | Climate TRACE
Category: ☁️ Carbon | Mapping Emissions
Original: 41 min | Time Saved: 40 min

Main Takeaways:

  • Gavin McCormick is the executive director of WattTime, a nonprofit using data and automation to reduce emissions from electricity, and a co-founder of Climate TRACE, a coalition using sensors and satellites to create high-resolution maps of global emissions.
  • Climate TRACE was created because many climate solutions require granular emissions data which was previously unavailable; it uses over 300 satellites and 100,000 sensors to track nearly 80,000 facilities across 38 industries.
  • There are over 100 organizations collaborating on Climate TRACE, with experts focusing on specific sectors and types of data contribution; this "divide and conquer" approach made the monumental data collection task feasible.
  • Surprisingly, Climate TRACE found most countries have been quite honest in their Paris Agreement emissions reporting, disproving assumptions that they were lying; this builds trust in global climate cooperation.
  • Many companies want to reduce supply chain emissions but lack data to compare suppliers’ impacts; detailed emissions data enables swapping to lower-impact materials and suppliers.
  • This year Climate TRACE aims for comprehensive global emissions data so sources can be cross-checked and made interoperable; next it will focus on optimizing emissions reductions with faster and more granular data.
  • Watt Time helps companies shift flexible electricity use to times of cleaner generation; with global power plant emissions data, automated emissions reductions can expand worldwide.
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🗓️ 08/08/2023