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🥑 "Becoming a Food Advocate in Your Own Kitchen"

Broken Brain Podcast

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Category: Health | 🥑 Nutrition

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[13:05] “The chemicals that have been invented to put into processed foods, over the last 50 years, have been invented solely for one purpose […] - to improve the bottomline of the food industry, […] to make food companies more money and not [to] make us healthier.”

[13:40] “In many cases those chemicals haven’t been reviewed by the FDA (over 3,000). […] There is over 10,000 allowed in our food and the chemicals themselves aren’t third party tested.”

[26:26] “We need to figure out how to eat. We need to figure out to become our own nutritionist. This isn’t rocket science. The only people that have made food complicated in the last 50 or so years, have been the food scientists themselves.”

[38:17] “When we think about food as a collective nation, [we] think about calories, or fat grams, or protein grams, and that’s how [we] choose foods. But it never needs to be about that. It always has to be about the ingredients.”

[46:58] “Hormones usually are not given to chickens at all, so whenever you see non-hormonal chicken - that’s usually just marketing.”

[48:09] “People think that humans eat the majority of GMO corn and soy that’s produced, […] but it’s actually animals that feed off of that. And then we eat those animals. And that’s really how we get sick.”

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