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PodSnacks is an independent media publication launched in November 2020 by Laura Kania and Samuel Ian Rosen.

PodSnacks creates summaries — the “CliffsNotes of Podcasts”— utilizing Artificial Intelligence.

Browse hundreds of podcast summaries on the website and sign up for the weekly roundup newsletters.

💚 Mission: Deliver high quality information in digestible bites
⏰ Problem: So many podcasts, too little time
📰 Solution: Digest of the latest podcast episodes
🤩 Value: Listening time saved (up to 25 hrs/ month)


The Zeitgeist: 3 Minute Summary of Recent Podcast | Choose Your Topic Preferences
 - Biz & Tech
 - Culture & Society
 - Climate
 - Health

The Weekly Zeitgeist: Roundup of Top Trending Podcasts | Biz & Tech, Culture & Society, News & Whatever Makes Headlines | Delivered Sundays

Weekly Pod Picks: We Track 200+ Podcasts and Curate the Top 5 Episodes by Category | Delivered Fridays

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