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⚡ "A New Way of Procuring Energy"

The Interchange

Photo by Adeolu Eletu / Unsplash

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Host: David Banmiller
Guest: Ryan Peusch | Founder & CEO | Zentility
Category: ⚡ Energy | Energy Procurement

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[1:24] RP: "Zentility is an end-to-end energy procurement platform. We [...] build digital tools for energy suppliers, energy buyers, businesses specifically that are buying energy products and services. And also we build tools for advisors, consultants, that are helping the buyer and the supplier in that transaction. [...] It's basically three websites that talk to each other and exchange data."

[3:13] RP: "It provides first and foremost the customer with the ability to transparently buy electricity, natural gas, renewables through a digital interface that they get access to. And as a part of getting access to that we have on the other side the suppliers who are able to get the customer's data, the utility bill data, the customers profile, contract information and those types of things. It's able to share that very easily through the platform. And then the adviser, the consultant, whoever is basically facilitating the transaction, are able to exchange the data and the information with a few clicks of the button. [...] We built the UI in such a way where it's easy and more transparent than what you would get normally from the procurement process today."

[5:33] RP: "We operate nationally across all the ISOs (Independent system operators). We are specifically focused in the areas of the country that offer choice. [...] We don't do anything with residential at all. We just specifically focus on the commercial and industrial space."

[7:04] RP: "For the longest time, [purchasing] has really been based on lowest price, or best contract terms, de-risking the buyer's portfolio of properties as much as possible. But now that a lot of these buyers are starting to look at their energy strategy [and] buying more renewables is actually becoming more like a corporate mandate, [...] pushed from the top of a company. And I see that trend continuing to happen."

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🕰️ 34 min | 🗓️ 08/04/2022
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