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🥑 "What Does Food Have To Do With COVID-19?"

The Doctor’s Farmacy

Photo by Julia Zolotova / Unsplash

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Host: Dr. Mark Hyman
Guests: Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian, Dr. Elizabeth Boham
Category: Health | 🥑 Nutrition

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[3:41] DM: “There [are] so many ways that COVID-19 influences food and nutrition and food and nutrition influence COVID-19 back. […] One is immunity […], two is hunger and food insecurity […], and one of the most important things […] is the incredible relationship between poor metabolic health - diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity - and poor outcomes with COVID.”

[4:48] DM: “If we had a metabolically healthy population, COVID would be much much less severe. We have almost 3 in 4 American adults that are overweight or obese. And about half of American adults have diabetes or prediabetes. […] We have a tiny tiny proportion of the population that is actually healthy and everybody else has disease. And most of that disease […] is strongly diet-related.”

[5:47] DM: “COVID-19 is tragic and […] we need to be doing everything we can to reduce [the number of deaths]. And at the same time, before COVID-19, around 40,000 Americans were dying every month directly from diet-related diseases that we’ve estimated that would not have happened if they had a healthy diet.”

[6:43] DM: “We’re evolved biologically to respond to acute risk - this is gonna kill me today. We’re not biologically evolved to understand in the same way risk that might kill us over months to years.”

[10:04] EB: “We know 40% or more of Americans are not getting the recommended dietary intake, which is just a minimal amount of Zinc, and Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Those are critical nutrients for the immune system to work properly.”

[10:50] EB: “The first thing we recommend […] is getting off the sugar and refined and processed foods. Getting off of those things that are gonna spike your blood sugar, because we know that the immune system doesn’t work as well when the blood sugar is high.”

[14:52] EB: “Our microbiome, those are all the good bugs that line our skin, our nasal passageway, our digestive system, […] is a really important part of our immune system. We know that when we have the right amount of good bacteria, […] they actually fight off viruses and other bacteria. […] We know fiber feeds the good bacteria […]. Really high fiber food, like ground flax seeds, your nuts and seeds, chia seeds, whole grains, those things feed your good bacteria.”

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