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☁️ "Tracking Carbon Emissions Data & the Importance of Transparency"

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Host: Silas Mähner
Guest: Tara Gupta | Founder & CEO | Map Collective
Category: ☁️ Carbon Reduction | Carbon Data

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[2:12] “Map Collective [is] a carbon tracking and supply chain transparency platform. So we really focus on creating a system and data visualization around the carbon accounting space to make sure that this is a really clear process. And also that there is clear communication, once those goals are set, and about how they're achieved, for companies, for governments and for individuals. So really a multi sector approach. […] Our goal is really to empower and to contextualize the complex climate science in a way that's easy for everyone to understand.

[5:45] “When you hear a lot of companies [saying], I'm mapping my carbon footprint, this is our scope one, scope two, and scope three emissions profile, that is really the basis of life cycle analysis. […] That is not 100% accurate, but it's sort of the best system we've got right now. Hopefully, we will, as everyone in the sustainability world is becoming more active, then eventually, we will innovate and either the World Resources Institute will put out another version or another organization will put out another another version.”

[6:29] “A lot of what we are doing right now is we're using that system, but we are instead of just applying it to the product level, or just the organizational level, what we're doing is we're networking all the different lifecycle analysis profiles of all these different organizations.”

[8:34] “We have both what is called the carbon plan, as well as what is called the supply chain plan. So we have these two programs, which are part software, part services, that are supportive programs that we take companies through and we take governments through the carbon plan as well. […] In the carbon plan, we focus on all sorts of emissions […] from carbon emissions to a what is called carbon dioxide equivalence, so that is basically a profile of all different emissions, including methane, including all these other greenhouse gasses, but what we do is we convert them into carbon dioxide equivalents just because people really understand carbon as a metric and are able to talk about that simply.”

[10:18] “We collect the data, but we also create strategies for how these companies and governments can decarbonize. So we act as an implementation partner with them. […] We're not focusing companies on this net zero concept as [...] we want them to stay away from offsets, but then bring in easements and assets that are verified and are actually worthwhile at the right time. And that would not mean in that early stage where they need to actually change their activities.”

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🕰️ 44 min | 🗓️ 03/17/2022
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