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💸 "The Mind of a Venture Capitalist"

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[6:51] “[Solo Capitalists] are folks who are raising funds that are greater than 50 million dollars. They have the ability to lead rounds that are 5 million and above and they are playing at a higher level with higher dollars than the super angel investors of a decade ago. […] I think we gonna see more and more individual investors who attract founders. And more and more founders who get excited to work with individual investors instead of traditional firms.”

[16:06] “Often times you are making a sort of gut judgement on the founders and it’s probably the most subjective part of early stage investing.”

[21:49] “Most of the investments that I have made in my venture career have been once there are some early signs of product-market-fit. The handful of cases where I’ve broken that rule have been when I felt so compelled by a founder or so compelled by a market opportunity or so compelled by maybe an early mockup of the product that I was able to get there conviction wise without seeing any early data. […] It’s instinct versus data.”

[30:50] “When I reflect on a lot of the investments that I’ve made over the last decade, all of them actually come down to this thesis of democratizing access. Which is, we know that there is this product or service that […] people love and […] use, but it’s not yet accessible to the broader population. And so, a company comes in, makes it more accessible and that expands the size of the market opportunity.”

[32:45] “I think these three axes - cheaper, more convenient, and […] free - are the three axes through which most companies democratize access. […] I think you have to spike on one of them and ideally, you want to be more convenient as well as free or more convenient as well as cheaper.”

[48:21] “I think a lot of things can be subscriptionized, including podcasts. I think one of the hardest things in podcasts in particular is that we’ve just been accustomed to getting them for free. And so, the ad supported model, especially in the US, has been dominant for a long […] period of time. […] I think when something is already free, moving it back to being paid, and a premium subscription model is difficult. But, I still think in podcasts we’re gonna see a bunch of different attempts. I think even this morning Spotify made a bunch of announcements around a premium podcast service that was ad free.”

[49:45] “I think any small business or entrepreneur has the chance to offer something on a subscription basis. […] Look at Patreon, which is amazing. […] There is a ton of opportunity yet to be explored.”

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