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🤖 "The Introduction & Adoption of Autonomous Technology in Mining"

Solving Water

Photo by Dion Beetson / Unsplash

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Host: Amanda Holloway
Guests: Tyler Elkins | Senior Global Product Manager | Xylem &
Jorge Aria | Sales Manager | Xylem
Category: 🤖 Technology

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[1:29] TE: “I work really closely with mining customers and customers in construction. […] When they talk about their […] submersible dewatering issues, what it usually comes into is dewatering in general is not a profit making venture. So when it comes to mines [and] construction companies, they really want to be able to do it affordably, at the best cost. And so I try to understand those challenges and try to provide products and put products in development for the future challenges and get them out there to them.”

[4:35] TE: “[The Flygt Bibo Alpha] pump is an autonomous pump. […] It has the ability to actually recognize when the water level is low. And so it has protection from what we call snoring, which is when the water level gets so low that we start pulling in air into the impeller. And so this pump actually can recognize when that's happening, slow itself down, and then when the water gets back up, it starts ramping itself back up. […] This Bibo Alpha technology is going to be [showing] the direction of autonomous pumping.

[11:24] TE: “I think that anytime you have something new, there's going to be some challenges with people finding the right way to use it or feeling comfortable with it. […] When it comes to how do we get people engaged to try something out in technology, that's where Xylem also has a lot of different unique opportunities. So we have a really big rental fleet and really big rental solution opportunities that would allow us to say, hey, let's take some of the risk off of you and put it on us to support you at taking this new technology.”

[16:43] JA: “When you're in […] an underground mine, where you're attacking the mineral, when you're attacking, there's water. […] If you don't get the water out of the mind, you cannot get the mineral. So that is why pumps are so important for mines.”

[19:11] TE: “As you go deeper and deeper in mines, you have more and more head. […] They might want to use a really efficient vertical turbine to bring [the water] all the way up to the top. But in order to do that they need to first get the dirty water. They need to make sure it clarifies a little bit, because those turbines can’t handle the grime and they will wear away really fast. So this kind of product […] get[s] dirty, [it] can manage the wear and tear of it. And so we put those in first, we go through a few different stages and then […] we use a really efficient vertical turbine to send it out.”

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