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💡 "The Father of the iPod on Investments for the Future"

The Twenty Minute VC

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Host: Harry Stebbings
Guest: Tony Fadell, Entrepreneur/ Investor/ "Inventor of the iPod"
Category: Biz & Tech | 💡 Business Lessons

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[11:19] “I think anybody, who’s trying to do something that the world has never seen before […], they better be coachable. Because you’re gonna be so narrowly focussed, you’re gonna be so heads down, you’re gonna be on a mission, that sometimes you’re blind and you need somebody to come from left field to […] give you some perspective. They are not gonna give you an answer, but they gonna give you some kind of guide rails and some perspective to help you make better decisions and pull you out of the weeds that you’re in.”

[17:48] “Everyone goes through imposter syndrome. […] Because […] when you are doing stuff you have never done before and you are changing the world, no one else has done it either. […] And I always say, if you don’t have butterflies in your stomach each day, you’re either not paying attention or you’re not pushing hard enough and taking enough risk. […] You should always be on the edge of pushing yourself, because that’s where growth is, that’s where the change is happening, that’s where you know you are on the leading edge.”

[19:15] “Do, fail, learn. […] There is no such thing as learn and then you gonna do. […] When you really learn in life is after you’ve tried to do it. I think college and our education system is entirely backwards. […] This is how we […] change the world.”

[21:13] “Future Shape was all about taking the experiences that I had, the finances that we have […] and combining them to help other entrepreneurs. We are not a VC, we’re not an Angel, we call ourselves mentors with money. […] And so, what we want to do is find that entrepreneurs that are doing the hardest things that are going to help the environment, help society, help our health, and help them to succeed with their mission. […] We rarely take board seats. […] We don’t lead rounds. We’re just there to be on the side of the entrepreneur and on the side of the team to help them. […] Advi[sors] when they are not putting money behind it and […] truly working on it, that’s usually just somebody who wants to make some consulting dollars.”

[29:22] “We need to transform our economies into circular economies. Not this extract, use and then trash. We need to make it fully holistic. And there’s so many businesses about closing that loop or changing the loop that are going to be created and are being created now. […] We have gold mines sitting in landfills all around the world. We just need to extract it. So we’re finding, at Future Shape, all kinds of businesses that literally go and mine, urban mines. Instead of mining the Earth, let’s go and mine the stuff we’ve already extracted and get […] into valuable mineral streams again, so we can reuse them.”

[31:58] “Everybody wants fast money. But we’re gonna find out, the only way we’re going to fix this planet and the problems we have created because of fast money over the years, is to take these long term […] (7-12 year) kind of initiatives and investing in them. Because those are the ones that are going to actually make sure that we are going to have a health planet, healthy customers to keep a healthy economy going and make sure that investors and businesses can stay operating and continue to bring in returns over time. We can’t just keep trashing the planet.”

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