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💬 "The Current and Future State of the ESG Software"


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Host: Silas Mähner
Guest: Sondra Tosky | Senior Product Manager | Higg
Category: 💬 Opinion | ESG Software

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[9:30] “ESG stands for environmental, [social, and corporate governance]. […] [Regarding environment,] carbon accounting […] definitely is the one that people are most focused on at the moment. But it also goes broader. So it also includes things like water, chemical pollutants. […] So it really is the full impact of what you're doing to the environment, and then also the ways that you can help lower it. […] Social is […] the people. So how do you train your employees? How are you using the standards within your supply chain? […] And it can also […] include the community. […] Governance […] is how your company is structured, and the policies in place for actually governing your company.”

[12:06] “One of the things that's very difficult […] is looking at supply chain transparency. Typically, a brand only sees that final manufacturing stage. And so the, the upstream parts of it, where it's being mined from, or grown, […] that part, it just tends to be very invisible. […] And I think that's going to be one of the big pushes that we start to see.”

[20:53] “In the past, a lot of time when companies reported, they were reporting on the emissions that they directly created, so […] scope one and two. […] But let's say you're creating a t-shirt. The […] manufacturing facility is actually the one reporting the emissions, not you. So you're kind of getting out of the main chunk of your reporting. […] It can be like 70% or more of your emissions that are in the scope three category.”

[25:39] “I think it's gotta be a bit of a shift from people thinking about it just being a reporting thing to being a part of operations. What kind of risks do we think our business is going to face? And what opportunities in the marketplace could we find that are going to happen through these transformations?”

[29:10] “Where I think we're starting to see some new innovation is around […] finding ways to calculate specifically consumer goods. […] There are numerous potential regulations coming out around putting labels on products. France just made a proposal that in 2023, they want to have product labeling […] New York has also been floating ideas around that.”

[29:58] “In the visibility around the supply chain, […] quite a few companies are trying to break through. There are some looking at blockchain to do that. […] Specifically around the raw material sourcing the blockchain is kind of interesting. […] I think the risk and the liability around having a product that turns out wasn't made in a good way. I think companies don't want that risk anymore. And so I think they're looking to actually have this level of transparency now.”

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