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⚡ "Sustainable Ride Sharing... but with Soul"

Who's Saving The Planet?

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Host: Lex Kiefhaber
Guest: Raven Hernandez | CEO & Founder | Earth Rides
Category: ⚡ Renewable Energy | Ride Sharing

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Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[3:43] “[Earth Rides] is rideshare, but we utilize only electric vehicles, so no gas, no hybrid on the platform. And then we put a couple twists on it […]. The main twist is that we do own a portion of the fleet in both cities that we currently operate in: Nashville, Tennessee, and Austin, Texas. And so we have employees, which if you're familiar with anything that's happened in the rideshare space, they don't want to do that. […] They've [spent] $200 million worth of lobbying in California to make sure that didn't happen. So it's a very different approach that we're taking.”

[8:54] “Starting off with the tailpipe emissions, obviously, electric vehicles have no tailpipe emissions. So we've 100% removed that from the transportation equation. […] Now there's less carbon emissions in the environment, which is an amazing step. […] But I always tell people, electric vehicles aren't necessarily perfect. […] When you look at charging infrastructure, which I think is the next step in making this truly sustainable model, anywhere between 30 and 70% carbon reduction [is possible] when you're talking about charging on the grid, depending on the source. […] Even if they're running their charging infrastructure off coal, you can still sometimes see a 30% reduction in carbon emissions, which to me, means something.”

[14:11] “85% of our passengers last year of about a little over 120,000 have never been in an electric vehicle, which is just amazing to me. Because […] what we're doing there is we're expanding people's horizons in the sense that EVs are only for the elite. […] That's the first line of communication is exposing people to the fact that what they're doing can be integrated into their life.”

[50:41] “Everything we do here on Earth is impacting not only ourselves but others. That's really what it comes down to for Earth and for the brand Earth Rides. Every ride taken is impacting either in a positive and negative way and EVs right now are the way that we feel that that's less of an impact. And I hope that you know more technology comes out to where we can even lessen that impact.”

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🕰️ 51 min | 🗓️ 04/27/2022
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