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🤖 "Shaping In-Building Water Efficiency"

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Hosts: Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg
Guest: Alex McCormack | Founder & CEO | Shayp
Category: 🤖 Technology

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[9:39] AM: “We're helping property professionals drive down water usage by eradicating leakages in their buildings. And the problem stems from the fact that we observed that nearly 20% of the water usage in commercial multi-residential properties are due to leakages.

[13:51] AM: “I was working for the City of Brussels and my goal was to reduce the carbon footprint across 300 buildings by 30%. And that was mainly through energy efficiency. And one day, I got this really strange call by a fellow colleague [talking about a] kindergarten, where children are getting sick chronically all the time. […] And so I went out there and I investigated with a hygrometer. […] It was tropical, […] it was super humid. […] I looked at the water meter and saw if there was any nighttime and water consumption and I was able to assess that there was 32 liters per hour that were going into the void somewhere in that building. […] It was to burst pipes underneath the building. […] I was able to evaluate and assess that there was over 30% of the water usage in those buildings that were due to leakages, such as leaky toilets, leaking water, softeners, leaky heating systems, burst pipes, faulty valves, and so forth.”

[18:46] AM: “From that observation, I was actually trying to prescribe solutions to see if there is anything on the market that can do anything about this. And they were generally very complicated to install, very costly. And then even if they were installed, it was a real nightmare to pilot and to be able to do it. Basically, think of it as you still had to be behind your computer doing all the calculations and stuff. So the initial idea was, what can we do this in a more scalable fashion, or cost effective way, where all the analysis and everything is done for you and all you need now is just to take action? And that's what Shayp is.”

[19:31] “Shayp is composed in three parts. The acquisition of the data, so we use smart meter data or we use ultra low power IoT to aggregate the water consumption data. We run through that or cloud based AI that analyzes completely autonomously with the water consumption data of the building using only one measuring point. And we can understand how much water is being wasted? How many leakages are there? What's the likely cause and what actions need to be done to basically reduce those that waste? And that's how we're driving down on average the consumption in buildings by 20%.”

[20:27] AM: “What are the our proudest moments in terms of what we're monitoring is not an industrial plant, it's not a big building, it's a tiny little fountain that's world famous. It's called the Manneken Pis. And it's a little fountain, a little boy […] that's peeing. And it was leaking […] 55 liters per hour. […] That was nearly half a million liters of water per year. And that was only […] 1% of all the water loss across the buildings of the City of Brussels.”

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