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₿ "Operating a Baseball Team on the Bitcoin Standard"

The Pomp Podcast

Photo by Jose Francisco Morales / Unsplash

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Host: Anthony Pompliano
Guest: Steven Nelkovski | CEO | Perth Heat Baseball Club
Category: ₿ Crypto

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[4:18] “We were the first team in world sport to be integrating Bitcoin and operating on a Bitcoin standard.“

[5:58] “[We] accept Bitcoin payments at our concession stands. […] [We had] a really good test run [where you were] able to buy beer with Bitcoin, buy hot dogs with Bitcoin, merchandise with Bitcoin. And that worked really well on the Lightning Network. […] There were certainly some issues that we found as we went through that process, but it was great than to go back to OpenNode, our payment processor, and say, […] we don't want all the contractors who are coming in operating these concession stands to have two factor identification. So we need to now work on that and improve that system.”

[7:11] “It was interesting when I went to Arena last week […] and I went to purchase merchandise and I said, can I pay in Bitcoin? And I said, sorry. […] So obviously, they're not set at the moment to take any sort of Bitcoin.”

[9:46] “What we thought may have taken a little bit longer to achieve, it's not gonna be that hard to do. So we will become the first sports venue in the world now, [where] we're going to mine Bitcoin at the ballpark.

[10:03] “We're gonna install some […] solar panels and use that [for energy generation for mining Bitcoin]. But if you actually look at sports venues across the world, you've got these huge facilities that are sitting there doing nothing for how many days a year, 300 days a year, 320 days a year, 250 days. And they've got the footprint that we can incorporate renewable energy to then create a revenue stream, which can also support the local community. Any revenue we raise from Bitcoin mining, that will go back into the local community to help young baseball players, equipment, help with fees that they may need or if there's teams traveling around the country and they need support.“

[11:21] “What we collectively like to do is bring all the miners into this project together. And we've got the opportunity to make this a global landmark. […] They can all have their mining stalls within the one feature. And it can be a great educational place. And maybe instead of just having two or three machines, maybe we can have somewhere between five to 10. […] We can be the pilot program for what's possible around the world. And this is not something that can happen in 12 months or two years. We can do this in a couple months.

[45:04] “We only want to partner with Bitcoin focused companies.

[46:34] “Once we start up again […] [with the] 22/23 season, [we] will [launch] the Bitcoin broadcast. And that's where we will integrate anything and everyone to do with Bitcoin in a four hour broadcast.”

[49:21] “Some really cool things are working through [is for example] do we put a QR code on the back of a player […] [as a] way people scan through that and maybe a partner can give free bitcoin to people. “

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