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⚡ Rise of Energy Prices

Redefining Energy - Minutes

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Hosts: Gerard Reid & Laurent Segalen
Category: ⚡ Energy

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[0:33] LS: “I've never seen in 25 years the chaos we've seen on the energy markets. Oil is at $120. Coal is at $400 per ton. […] I remember all my life, it was between $50 and $100. Power […] [is at] 350-400€ per megawatt hour. […] But of course the most insane is gas, the TTF [is] above 200€ per megawatt hour, […] it's like $60 per MMBtu. In the US it's $5. […] The markets are broken.”

[1:44] GR: “I would actually say […] that still the market is working. And the reason I say it's working is because all the market is showing you is there's high levels of risk out there. But otherwise, you don't have shortages right now.”

[1:58] LS: “Let's wait a few weeks. If supply chains are not putting themselves back together, we will have shortages. Nord Stream II has gone bankrupt. […] Nord Stream I is still working. I don't know how they are paying their bills. If Nord Stream I is going to stop working, tanks are going to be empty.

[3:48] GR: “It's really, really critical now for European governments to really give clarity to the energy companies in terms of what they should and shouldn't do. Because […] having to deal with a bankruptcy of a major energy utility is something you don't want to be doing at present.”

[5:36] LS: “You need to reshape all energy infrastructure. Because even if the guns stop shelling in Ukraine, I don't think anything can happen with the current Russian administration. It’s going to take years to get out of sanctions. I see from a geopolitical point of view, maybe the West is going to try to mend fences with Venezuela or Iran. Everything is possible right now. “

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