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⚡ EDP, Climeworks & Tesla

Redefining Energy - Minutes

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Hosts: Gerard Reid & Laurent Segalen
Category: ⚡ Energy | Energy News

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[1:55] LS: “There's so much news all over the place. But one thing that really struck me was that the Portuguese utility, EDP, won an auction in Portugal for floating solar at minus 4 Euro versus the strike price.

[2:13] GR: “I think it's a game changer, not because of the price. […] What it's telling you is the bottleneck. And the bottleneck is the grid. […] It's getting that grid connection, that transformer. And you can do other things with this. […] It's not [only] about solar, maybe they're going to put storage in and around, you're going to put wind in and around it, etc.”

[3:41] LS: “Direct air capture company […] Climeworks has announced that they raised $650 million from various investors. […] That's a lot of money for technology that still needs to be proven.”

[3:59] GR: “ I think […] you'll probably look at it and say it's commercially expensive. But I think what's really interesting about it is there are certain situations where you have no other choice but to use direct air capture. That's what I take away from it. […] We need to see this type of money coming into new technologies, because that's how you push them.”

[4:53] LS: “There was a report from the Global Wind Energy Council. 94 gigawatts of wind were installed into 2021, which is the second best year.”

[6:01] LS: “People barely talk about it, but it's a gigantic achievement: the opening of Tesla Giga Texas. It's the biggest auto plant in the world. […] From an industrial perspective, it's absolutely stunning."

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