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🍏 "Meet Bamboo: The Fastest Growing Plant in the World"

Climate Cuisine

Photo by zoo_monkey / Unsplash

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Host: Clarissa Wei
Guests: Hans Friederich | Senior Advisor | BambooLogic &
Kevindra Soemantri | Food Journalist
Category: 🍏 Sustainable Food

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[2:27] HF: “Bamboo regenerates itself naturally. […] Once the bamboo is growing, you harvest it, it regrows, you harvest it again, it’s ultimately sustainable.”

[3:30] HF: “The natural boles are as strong as steel, in fact, stronger than some types of steel, they bend a little bit more flexibly than steel or concrete for example, and it's a natural product. So by cutting a bamboo pole, you're not generating any CO2, and therefore constructing anything from bamboo boles is really totally the opposite from constructing with let's say concrete, steel and glass. This is done in many parts of Asia and Latin America and a little bit in Africa where there is bamboo as well, but they don't have the big varieties that are really suitable.”

[4:10] HF: “When I say building structures from this kind of bamboo, they can be meters high, they can be storeys high. I've seen a building in Bali in Indonesia that is four storeys high. I've seen a cathedral in Ecuador that reached I don't know how many meters in the sky. I've seen a sports hall in Thailand with a span of tens of meters. So you can build fantastic buildings with the natural bole, because it's strong and yet a little bit flexible and it's natural.”

[5:55] HF: “Bamboo fibers can be used for clothing. […] How do you actually extract the fibers from the plant? In the past, this was a very chemical process, more and more, there are alternative ways of doing it. So that it is less polluting, and therefore more and more sustainable.”

[18:08] KS: “If there's one region in Indonesia that's so famous for using bamboo for anything, it’s […] the Sudanese people, which some archeologists say they are one of the earliest cultures in the Nusantara archipelago. They're using bamboo in almost everything, even in their traditional music instrument. […] Traditional houses in the region of west Java are bamboo. […] In contemporary structures, they’re utilizing bamboo. But they also cook sometimes using bamboo.”

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