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🚀 Mass Recommendation, North Stars, and Imposter Syndrome

The Twenty Minute VC

Photo by Heidi Fin / Unsplash

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Host: Harry Stebbings
Guest: Katrina Lake, Founder, Stitch Fix
Category: Biz & Tech | 🚀 Startups

Podcast’s Essential Bites:

[9:28] “Stitch Fix to date [has] sold 6 billion dollars of clothes sight unseen. […] [T]he aspiration that we have is that we would like to be better at picking clothes for people than they themselves would be. […] [T]hat is a bold, radical aspiration and the idea that we can be best in the world at recommending apparel and matchmaking between people and apparel products, and potentially other products as well, is massive.”

[10:00] “Nobody had really thought about this as […] a mass recommendations problem of […] trying to figure out, who […] are the people on the planet and what are the things on the planet and how do we matchmake between them.”

[11:11] “Having this north star […] is such an important part of an entrepreneur and a company. […] I think we have to be a little bit flexible in how you get there. […] Being able to be agnostic to how you achieve the vision and being able to allow that kind of how we get there to evolve over time, […] there is a little bit of humility to that.”

[17:05] “I do think growth [over profitability] is almost always going to be most important, predicated on the fact that […] this is a healthy business and one were the math works.”

[19:16] “I think […] part of the reason why we are talking about imposter syndrome, especially in some place like tech, is because […] we have been historically in an industry where so many people have felt excluded. […] Those things just have to change.”

[21:29] “The only leadership tool that I had […] was […] authenticity and vulnerability to be able to bring people along.”

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